Back pain: what to do, how to determine which

Very bad, when a person begins something to hurt. Everyone was never the pain, these feelings you want to quickly overcome in order to feel well. But sometimes, the pain disappears and you have to make a number of necessary measures. More likely is that, without the help of the doctors in the practice, in many situations we can not do, and if any part of our body begins to hurt, we try to go to the clinic to find out more about your condition. In this article we will discuss the issue of back pain, and all that is connected with them.

The type of back pain and their causes

back pain

Again, as you know, is a sedentary part of our body. To ensure regular training of the back, which will help you avoid future damage and harm, you must regularly exercise. For example, the arms and the legs can be trained even in a natural way, without much effort-this occurs during normal walking while wearing anything heavier.

Many of us have probably heard that the cold can't try-after two weeks of going by herself. As for the back, as not. Back pain treated over the years, and the positive results can not wait. If you view the statistics, it is easy to see that with the complaints of pain in the back, goes almost the same amount as with the SARS. What to do if you have back pain?

Painful sensations that people feel, may indicate the presence of various diseases of the spine and other internal organs. In order to correctly identify the disorder and to make an accurate diagnosis, health professionals should do a little research, take your necessary tests, and may be asked to undergo an ultrasound. The pain may be pulling in the back and lower back. You can dramatically give in the chest, the legs and even the stomach.

The main causes of back pain:

  1. Quite often a cause of back pain may be not only of the disease from the area of neuralgia, but also those related to the endocrine system. Take, for example, osteoporosis is a disease is completely transparent, and the complaints of back pain is the only symptom.
  2. Can often make back pain, if a person falls ill with pleurisy. In this case, there is an acute or chronic process in the lung of the patient. The person has cough, difficulty in breathing, great pain in the chest area, often, the temperature increases.
  3. The kidney disease can be one of the reasons for the back pain. This happens, for example, urolithiasis or pyelonephritis.
  4. In very rare cases, back pain is caused by cancer metastasis to the spine. Of this also there is a severe pain, which is difficult to bear.
  5. In the case of osteochondrosis may be observed even degenerative disorders in articular cartilage. This disease is best treated with massage and reflexology. You can even the use of acupuncture.
  6. When intervertebral hernia progresses, one feels a very sharp pain and will not be able to cope with it. To improve the General condition of the patient is usually used novocaine blockade.

In this case, you should consult a doctor

You begin to notice that annoying pain bother you more often, and each time become stronger and more unbearable? Then you need to be the subject of study in a medical center. By telephone or over the Internet diagnosis is not a will, but very often you can find people who are looking for the answer to your question about health on the Internet. This is not the best fit so strongly to hurt myself, besides losing precious time that could be used for a medical visit. Therefore, only a personal appointment with a good doctor to help you cope with the disease.

Everyone knows that the correct diagnosis, which is in an early stage is the key to the success of the treatment. If you delay a visit to the hospital, we give you the opportunity to some processes in your body to move forward, and the consequences for you can be very sad. A similar attitude to their health sometimes leads to serious surgical procedures, perhaps even to the disabled.

It is not necessary to determine the diagnosis and choose the treatment. Without delay, you should schedule an appointment with your family doctor, and, in turn, will be able to guide you to the right specialist, wrote directions to take required tests. Only after all this can be diagnosed. In this case, you have back problems, very often, take place survey at the urologist, traumatologist, doing x-rays and ultrasound exam.

Help you at home

new treatment

If you know that the back pain that is due to poor posture, then you need to help you. A bad posture, as we know, creates tension in the spine, causing various pathologies. This contributes to being in awkward positions for long hours, sedentary lifestyle.

You will have to take care of their health, do exercises for your back and entire body. A great way to relax the back in front of the bar. A good idea to go for a swim in the water, on our back can relax, because that is his natural position.

It is very important to know if every day for several minutes ' walk to the wall, touching the neck, shoulders, buttocks and calves, a simple exercise will develop perfect posture and be a good preventive measure to keep a good log.

Of course, each of us knows that in order to be treated at home is very dangerous, but to help you cope with acute pain can and should be. You will be able to help even a regular bath with water at room temperature stretching on a hard surface.

Back pain during pregnancy

Often, young girls are in an interesting position, there is no pain in the back. Especially towards the end of the term about 75% of women suffer from this discomfort. In the majority of cases, this lower back pain, due to the new load, which causes the troubling pain. Often, when the pregnancy is the back pain or acute low back pain, or kidney disease, not only the load can be the cause of their suffering.

In order to facilitate its suffering, pregnant women, it is recommended that you stay on your side until the complete disappearance of the pain. It can be applied to the back of a dry heat, ointments. Ointment should choose a doctor for pregnancy this is very dangerous.

The women, who often suffered from back pain during pregnancy, tend during childbirth to epidural anesthesia. This last is an effective and safe method of pain relief. But, nevertheless, this method is considered a medical intervention, it has its contraindications and medical complications. The anesthesia prolongs the duration of labor, which can involve the use of special medical instruments to help the woman.