Back pain when breathing in

Pain breathing

Spine pain thoracic cage to expand during inhalation of air is a sign of inflammatory processes in the lung or pleura. In addition, this symptom may indicate degenerative disorders of the spine (osteochondrosis). Back pain when breathing may have different etymology. The intensity, the nature of the symptoms, factors and peculiarities of the localization of this symptom will be discussed below.

Causes painful sensations

Pain in the back, stopping to take a deep breath, this can be due to many factors. An attack acute may occur between or under shoulder blades, lower back, again, to the right or to the left. Location of discomfort depends on the disease that causes a symptom. To understand why back pain with a deep breath, you need to understand the possible diseases.

Many of the diseases of the thorax, may produce acute attacks in the upper back. Often the discomfort between the shoulders, the chest, under the shoulder blades occurs due to the development of diseases such as:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • pleurisy;
  • inflammation of the muscles of the spine (myositis);
  • between the ribs neuralgia;
  • inflammation of the lungs.

The pain of these diseases is acute, passes under the leaves. In addition, the pain is able to cover all the breast. There are other symptoms that will help to determine the cause of discomfort in the back.

Causes of pain when breathing

For example, reducing pain in the spine thoracic that occurs when the breathing and the motion characteristic of osteoarthritis. Discomfort increases with heavy lifting, bending, walking, change of posture. Usually relief at rest, lying on a flat surface.

For pneumonia, except severe pain under the shoulder blades, there may be a temperature higher than 37, coughing, mild shortness of breath. The people for a long time suffers from a constant malaise, fatigue and weakness. At this time discomfort back pain can be more evident to the right or to the left. In addition, bilateral pneumonia can cause pain in the back in the centre.

Between the ribs neuralgia can occur in the chest, both right and left. It all depends on the situation of the infringement of the nerve root between the ribs. Severe pain in this disease that radiates to the back, ben felt during the palpation. Relief can occur if you lie on the affected side, that is to say, the mobility of the area to decrease unpleasant attacks decrease.

Intense discomfort through deep breathing, caused by malignant tumors appears as a result of tumor invasion into the sheath for protection of the lungs. In this period there is sharp pain, radiating to the back. Neoplastic processes in the upper back can manifest acute attacks to the left and to the right and a half later. It all depends on the location of the malignant seal, and the degree of development.

Why am I having back pain when breathing
Attention! The cancer will produce acute pain, in particular, with a deep breath, already in the late stages of flow. Prior to this, there may be cough with blood, discomfort, weakness.
Back pain

The lumbar region is most often bothers a person discomfort. This part of the spine are subjected to the lion's share of all the loads on the spine, on the other hand, suffers from various pathologies.

Back pain when inhaling can be caused by trauma to the nerve processes in the damaged degenerative processes of the vertebrae (osteochondrosis). In addition, episodes of severe and sudden in nature (lumbago) it can produce from the bottom to the middle as a result of the sciatica.

It is worth noting that, in addition to alterations of the spine, pain in the lumbosacral-sacral region with a deep breath can be the result of acute inflammation in the kidneys, infectious diseases of the organs pelvic. Bowel problems can also be manifested by discomfort in the back half later.

If the pain in the lower back, appeared to the right, we can talk about the problems with the genitourinary system in women. Most often, these symptoms is a cyst on the ovary right. Different types of pain indicates the progression of the disease, and requires immediate treatment. The same can be and with the left complement. In this case, it is impossible to delay treatment to a specialist. Ignoring the symptoms can be reduced to an abscess or damage the legs of the cyst, which, in turn, can lead to serious complications.

Back pain when breathing
Important! Frequent pain in the loins during inhalation, or during the movement can be a sign of a dangerous disease in the body. In this case, it is recommended to pass the exam.


The pain of different intensity and scope, emerging with a deep breath can have many causes. Therefore, it is important to undergo a comprehensive diagnosis. At this time, doctors try to examine possible factors that cause pain, and the use of survey methods to determine the level of development of a disease.

  1. The study of biological material (blood from a vein, finger, urine). This approach helps to determine the presence of inflammation in the body, and the severity of the pathology present.
  2. Hardware and instrumental methods (computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, x-ray, ELECTROCARDIOGRAM) provide an opportunity to detect the disease and the degree of its development. In addition, the research helps to evaluate the state of the affected segment of the vertebral or internal organ and to exclude other pathologies.

Comprehensive diagnosis is the key to the success of the treatment. Only after the discovery of the source of back pain when breathing in, your doctor may prescribe a appropriate treatment, which will focus on the specific pathology.

Diagnosis of pain

The treatment of back pain when breathing in

The appearance of back pain that increases when inhaling, has a large number of factors of the appearance. Its elimination depends on the true causes that provoke this symptom. In other words, the treatment prescribed after a comprehensive study and to determine the origin of the discomfort.

Identify the pathology is usually treated according to the following scheme:

  • relief of pain (antispasmodics, analgesics);
  • the removal of the inflammation and swelling in the affected area (antibiotics, nonsteroidal funds, muscle relaxants);
  • keep the body's immune – assign complex vitamins (especially effective drugs group);
  • the purpose of the procedures, manual therapy, therapeutic massages and a specific diet (depending on the disease).
Please, note! All you need to cure the drugs prescribed by a doctor based on the identified disease. Specialist combines several drugs. This approach allows to achieve the best results in the treatment of a particular disease.
How to treat back pain when breathing

A sharp pain during inhalation dangerous symptom of pathological processes in the body. It is not recommended to self-medicate, and thoughtlessly take painkillers in the hope that the disease disappears. If any unpleasant sensations in the back, it is urgent to follow the advice of your doctor. This will help not to start trouble, and to avoid unpleasant consequences.