To talk about back pain in kidney area

Back pain

Pain in the lumbar region that may provoke various diseases. Usually a special pastime because of the pain, or the study of the properties area. A particularly unsettling feeling, when back pain kidney area. Analyze it carefully cause discomfort due to a bug, the character of the pain, location, location and Possible cause.

Understand how to identify the disease, characteristic symptoms you may have better deal.


Pyelonephritis — this is a hit-provoking inflammatory process bacteria (staphylococci, escherichia, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa), kidney. The inflammatory process amazes fabric new plots every time, Why don't you puts. Stop, if not defeat, in the end, the destruction of healthy tissue causes, you will end up in renal function. A double is an amazing organ, you will need a person to permanent hemodialysis.

Typical for this disease is acute pain in lower part of the waist. When an organ if the pain is localized to the right or left. Each apartment is characterized by inflammation of the kidney pain both in the waist.

Depending on the intensity of pain does not change the position of the body, but greatly aggravated easy shooting in the region of the kidney, ribs, palms, take a deep breath and he pressed on the abdomen.

This pain syndrome, pyelonephritis is accompanied by:

  • increased body temperature and chills;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • Frequent and painful urination;
  • emergence of blood and mucus in the urine;
  • is swelling.

The first symptoms you should consult an expert for a definitive diagnosis. Normally the symptoms listed dr. throws, blood counts and urinalysis to confirm the diagnosis. Also appointed ultrasonography and computed tomography, to determine the degree of the lesion is an organ.

It's used for the treatment of pyelonephritis, antibiotics (Ceftriaxone, Ampicillinum) in the direction of action. Withdrawal symptoms are also prescribed for antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drugs (paracetamolu, diclofenac). Time, timely diagnosis, outpatient treatment of illness.

Bed rest and drinking plenty of fluids as recommended in the disease.
Public methods

It's a good acting pyelonephritis juice, corn flower. Raw is poured into a cup of boiling water and insist 30 minutes 1 tablespoon. Drink 1 cup, divided throughout the day in three reception. To get 30 days.



Kidney cancer — a malignant tumor affecting the healthy cells. The developing tumor tissues, kidney, other organs of metastasis talented. Without proper treatment, resulting in the death of a patient always. The reason of causing cancer the science is still unknown.

Kidney cancer early stages are usually asymptomatic tumor of the accident and during planned surveys.

In the subsequent period a strong pain in the lower back and abdomen. The pain is sudden and last a long time.

Pain syndrome is accompanied by:

  • a regular view, a large amount of clot formation and blood in the urine;
  • weakness;
  • sudden weight loss.

Oncologist in training or accidentally perceived, and immediately contact any of these symptoms kidney abdominal ultrasonography. Biopsy tissue research is also necessary to follow.

The only effective treatment, kidney cancer tumor removal, or organ affected. After surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy may be assigned.

The blend of colors that is used for the treatment of cancer among the people and in equal proportions a mixture of marigold. 0.5 tsp 3 times a day during 25 days of acceptance.

Healing cancer reliable data about the public methods, not research we have performed. Herbal that can cure, effective, and time is lost.



Cyst tumor on kidney hollow, liquid filled is busy with a one liner. Absence of adequate treatment can lead to kidney failure. The exact causes are unknown.

Usually the disease that causes a lot of discomfort. The presence of kidney cyst in complex situations accompanied by severe pain in low back pain. A localized area of pain in the affected organ. It may seem a small amount of blood in the urine.

The cyst looks good ultrasonic study.

The small cysts to inject a special compound that is liquid glues and instead deflate the cyst wall.

Surgery laparoscopic surgery is removed with the larger educational.
Public methods

Made of chopped burdock can help treat the cyst. Plant перемалывают blender and take a lesson:

  • 2 days 1 teaspoon 2 times a day;
  • 1 h for 3 days. spoon 3 times a day;
  • 2 days, 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day.
The layout again 4 times, then take a break to spend a month, the course once again.


As a result, the metabolic disorders, the solid deposit formed is known as kidney stones, or bladder. Manifest dull pain in the lower back and side in the region. Kidney stone pain, physical activity, movement, body position shifts. Out that may accompany blood in the urine.

When you are prompted, you should consult urologist diseases the symptoms, a prescription for blood tests, ULTRASOUND scans and Sa. Research data to help determine character blocks are located.

Kidney stones

One of the most effective methods for endoscopic lithotripsy. This method at least allowed without stones crush and traumatic and withdrawal health risks.

When you are prompted, small stones, better oat infusion. Unrefined grains, oats and boiling water is poured over a night time in the cooler. Then rubbed through a sieve, and the obtained slurry dining in the morning.

Large stones cannot output the ways of people. On exit, you can turn off the stone, urinary tract. In this case, emergency surgery may be required.

Adenoma and fibrom

Benign tumours characterized by slow growth and lack of germination and other fabric. Components of connective tissue.

Yourself a boring pain accompanied by lower back pain often urination of the Crusades.

The diagnosis of the tumor using ultrasound or research SA.

Large formations prone to more growth, surgical excision with further analysis. It is recommended that periodic ultrasound follow small formations specialist and research.

Folk; it is used to treat strawberry, forest (plant), brewed with boiling water and drink tea for a month.


A kidney nephroptosis bed exits and fall as a kidney, pelvis and even the abdominal cavity. These vessels feeds him tense and blood flow is disrupted. The opposite ureteral deformed, twisted, why застои urine, infections educational. Pyelonephritis will occur as a result. Most often Slips right kidney. Drooping organ both at the same time is a rare disease.

Nephroptosis cause infectious diseases — they're a result of it.

The main symptom of nephroptosis — sudden back pain in the field of pathology. Pain occurs because the slightest physical activity (walking, climbing stairs, bending, prolonged standing, legs), if the horizontal position, the pain goes quickly.


Contain the disease diagnosis urologist examination, abdominal ultrasound, blood Chemistry, and urinalysis.

In the early stages of the disease, it is recommended that the bandage be used on to secure an organ.

Best Supporting abdominal muscles strengthening exercises.


  • dozens. On the basis of the vertical legs to raise your shoulder blades and pelvis. To keep 15 minutes;
  • Scissor. Lying down on a hard surface the left and right foot alternately on a surface upgrade;
  • bike. Lying down, up, down, bent knees, imitation Cycling.

Kidney hydronephrosis

Hydronephrosis kidney lohanka most frequently provoked the extension of the covers and the difficulty of urine output by any stretch. Obstacle bounce, and tumors located in the urinary tract stones, urinary system. Hydronephrosis, which causes progressive renal atrophy.

Hydronephrosis kidney are usually asymptomatic. A sharp expression in both kidney disease, defeat, sharp, acute pain, side, and back pain. Regardless, which is difficult in the flow of urine, kidney pain always is in the area.

With kidney and bladder pathology diagnosis with ultrasound, isotope research, diagnosis kidney and urinary system overview.

Treatment is to eliminate the causes of the disease. To attempt to remove the circulation and urine drainage plots, to ensure a full recovery from the recession.

If a traffic jam cause kidney stones, folk remedies for removing stones from the body could be used.

Kidney failure

He was sharing a dangerous disease it is the inability to allocate and kidney produce urine. As a result of poisoning body toxins and impaired water balance.

Kidney failure
Uncontrolled development, disease, and no timely treatment can be fatal.

The symptoms of the disease may vary depending on the course of the disease.

Are considered to be basic:

  • joint pain and bone pain;
  • swelling;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • a small amount or complete absence of urine;
  • yellowish-gray color leather.

Blood Biochemistry renal failure diagnosis with your doctor.

Treatment is long-term, comprehensive. Hemodialysis involves detoxification of the body, hormone therapy, problem, disease, pathology, saturation, vitamins and mineral substances in the body.

And the public to help in the treatment of prescription, herbal collect. 1 tablespoon of violet leaf, flax seed, leaves, marigold flowers, blueberries and red mix. Mix 1 tablespoon pour 1 liter of boiled water, for 10 minutes and drink tea.

Renal colic

As a result, a sharp violation visible urine output (e.g., output of urine, the stone Canal, injury, urinary tract). Expression sharp, severe pain, bad обезболиванию accounts. Developing the crisis instantly. The attacks of pain, acute, not last. It may seem back pain, even in the field of the pubis and genitalia.

Revision adequate for diagnosis in Urology and ULTRASOUND.

Used to treat the pain medication, usually narcotics origin. In parallel, the colic out the reason why.

Renal colic
Issued to the public, it is possible to simplify recipes to treat colic, the output stones.

Between spine hernia

Deformation between the vertebral disc, sport pressure provokes limit. Meets easily without cure can lead to paralysis.

Unchanged symptom of back pain. Permanent pain increases and as it grows the hernia, the character wins. This acute pain tingling or numbness in the extremities low back pain and limited movement appears.

For a definitive diagnosis you will need a desk, a neurosurgeon and an MRI.

During the first phase of the development of the pathology can be done using the LFC treatment (selected for each individual patient), surgical intervention blockade of the affected part.

To be medicated because a small event is quite rare.

When you visit your doctor immediately?

This is the reasons listed above, curvature of the spine that may cause back pain (dull aching pain), Nov tension (own expense in the expression of pain), and normal fatigue. This pass without a trace without the aid of doctors.

You should consult a doctor immediately:

  • acute pain does not last, the right or left upper quadrant;
  • the pain does not pass in 2-3 days;
  • it decreases the intensity in a horizontal position;
  • may be accompanied by fever or numbness in the legs;
  • not all the time, the last pain in one place.