Causes of back pain with pancreatitis

Back pain with pancreatitis are an integral part of the diseases of the pancreas. Most of the diseases of the stomach or of the pancreas is accompanied by painful sensations of different intensity, location and intensity. The degree of severity, stage of development, the argument that was impressed — everything has an impact on the localization of the pain syndrome. For example, pancreatitis acute it makes them feel unbearable severe pain, which radiates to the back. In its manifestations, this disease is reminiscent of lumbar sciatica, but the pain vary in intensity and duration.

Problem pankreatita

If in the spine, there are no diseases, back pain can be described as piercing. Therefore, it is called lumbago. In the severity of pain is affected by posture, which is often the torso, so if you change the position of the body, it is possible to significantly reduce the appearance of sensations.

The definition of pancreatitis and its effect on back pain

Pancreatitis acute back pain are permanent. All attempts to reduce the unpleasant sensations fail on the level of intensity does not affect the position of the body or load. After some time of this pain is able to increase and does not change the intensity of its character. Back pain can be observed during the exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis. But they are not so pronounced, although this type of manifestations, can be carried out by any pathology of the spine. The location of the pain depends on the part of the pancreas is in the need of treatment.

If the inflammation is in the tail of the pancreas, the painful symptoms appear on the left, gave to the lumbar region of the spine and the rib cage. If hit by the head of the pancreas, the pain occurs on the right and give the right portion of the thoracic and lumbar.

It is very painful process when there is total defeat of the authority, necrosis of tissues or there is inflammation. In this case, the character of the pain is very strong. The pain grabs the abdomen and back. This can be explained by the fact that the pancreas is near the solar plexus and a large number of nerve endings running through it. Therefore, any destruction, damage or inflammation often cover the upper part of the abdomen and the back.

Find out what hurts (your back or the pancreas) and perhaps the pressure of the spine and palpation. In the case of the origin of the pain of sciatica or degenerative disk disease of the entire area of the spine will cause pain.

Pancreatitis is characterized as a degenerative-inflammatory processes in the pancreas. This disease occurs regardless of the age, and the number of patients is in constant growth. The intensity of the manifestations and treatment of these problems is determined by the severity of the inflammation, the severity of the injuries of the body.

Often this disease occurs in those people who have the tendency to eat more, frequent use of fat, food, heavy and strong drinks. Promote the development of the disease, factors that can affect the body in such a way that it begins to produce proteolytic enzymes, and this becomes a factor causing inflammation.

The main causes and symptoms of pancreatitis acute

Almost 100% of cases, the causes that provoke the inflammation of the pancreas, is overeating, the excessive consumption of alcohol, the presence of gallstones.

This body needs to perform a very important function. With the help of a substances that produces the pancreas (enzymes), occur normal the digestive system, the production of insulin (a serious shortage of it can cause the onset of diabetes).

Acute course of the disease, the symptoms appear similar symptoms of food poisoning. Production of enzymes lingers in the pancreas or its ducts, and begins the defeat of the body and in the blood, there are signs of poisoning.

The most common symptoms of pancreatitis is:

  1. The pain. Often this symptom is pronounced, intense, persistent, cutting or radical in nature. If the delay in medical assistance and not to eliminate the pain, the person may experience a painful shock. The area of pain in the right or in the left hypochondrium, or pain.
  2. Increase in body temperature, low or high blood pressure. As the inflammatory process develops dramatically and quickly, can produce significant deterioration of the General condition of the patient, taking into account the changes in body temperature and blood pressure.
  3. Change the color of the skin. Features, the skin becomes pale or gray.
  4. Appear hiccups and nausea, eructation, dryness of the mouth.
  5. Vomiting. Frequent episodes of impurities in the bile does not give the expected relief. Therefore, one of the most important stages of treatment of this disease is fasting.
  6. Vomiting in pancreatite
  7. Disorder of the digestive system or constipation. Acute period of pancreatitis stool with admixtures of foam, fragments of undigested food. But there is constipation, with heaviness in the stomach, sensation of swelling, hardness of the muscles of the stomach.
  8. Shortness of breath, rapid breathing. This includes the frequent appearance of sticky, strong patina of white color in the area of language.
  9. The flatulence. During the pancreatitis acute is not contractions of the stomach and the intestine, so that the patient is severe swelling.
  10. Bluish Color of the skin near the navel and at the bottom of the back occurs due to the fact that the blood of the inflammation of the gland penetrates into the skin.
  11. Yellow color of the skin and eyes. Due to the compression of some sections of the gallbladder with sclerosing pancreatitis may appear jaundice.

If any symptom of the disease is accompanied by General malaise and the worsening of the condition, should seek emergency treatment immediately.

The symptoms of chronic pancreatitis

The chronic form of the disease characterized by the inflammation of the pancreas with subsequent changes in the structure of tissues. The main distinction of chronic from acute that, even after the therapy and treat the causes of disease in the chronic stage continue to develop in pathological processes and disorders of its functioning. Therefore, there is an insufficiency pancreatic.

The initial phase of occurrence of chronic pancreatitis can last a long time and occasionally produce some symptoms. With prolonged chronic form of damage in the body occur continuously and cause human anxiety, discomfort and pain.

In the initial phase, the pain after eating that can last a couple of days or hours. Syndrome of pain usually appears after taking fatty, heavy, fried or spicy foods, alcohol, carbonated beverages, coffee, or chocolate. Very painful after eating some harmful products at the same time. The pain may be accompanied by abdominal distension, diarrhea, constipation, nausea or vomiting, weight loss.

The treatment of pancreatitis

If the disease appears in an acute form, the treatment recommended in conditions stationary. If you suspect pancreatitis or acute, you need to call an ambulance and do not refuse hospitalization. First aid for a person with the seizure is to take drugs (no-Spa, Papaverine), you need to put a little bit cold in the abdomen, eat, and stay in bed.

In the hospital, the doctor will examine, prescribe tests and treatment. In the case of ineffectiveness of all other methods and drugs, the surgical procedure, so do not ignore a disease, such as pancreatitis, it is time to seek medical assistance.