What to do in case of back pain?


Back pain is one of the most common complaints of patients. Often, pain in the lumbar or thoracic spine occurs on the background of diseases not directly related to your back. In this sense, when the pain in the back, it is very important to the correct diagnosis, based on the testimony of the patient and studies special.

Causes of back pain can be:

  • inflammatory diseases of the spine;
  • injury;
  • diseases of the internal organs;
  • weight;
  • pregnancy;
  • neurological diseases;
  • incorrect posture, flat feet;
  • not defined by the norms and stereotypical of the year.

The nature of pain and the events preceding her appearance with, help to make a correct diagnosis. Back pain can appear after a fall or injury. Possible normal injury, which involves pain and self-observation of the 12 hours. If the pain has not passed, you should consult a doctor. However, if difficult movement of the limbs, there is a tingling sensation or loss of sensitivity in them, there was a urination spontaneous or bowel movements – symptoms of spinal cord injuries, that require immediate hospitalization.


Back pain above the waist, accompanied by fever and General discomfort can indicate a kidney infection and requires immediate treatment in the clinic.

Back pain often increases with the years, leading its immobility. Potential Causes include osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia and output discs, reducing the elasticity of cartilage. If the pain appeared after physical exercise, housework, heavy work, the cause can be the stretching of the muscles or ligaments, as well as the displacement of vertebral discs and nerve entrapment. Against the background of already existing diseases of the spine, the likelihood of this type of cases increases.

The treatment of back pain

Treatment of spinal pain is always a complex event, which includes the following methods:

  • the reception of analgesics, the suppression of inflammatory processes;
  • physiotherapy, manual therapy;
  • massage, physiotherapy;
  • ensure the health of the conditions of work and of rest;
  • diet aimed at weight reduction and obtain the necessary nutrients to maintain the elasticity of muscles, ligaments, cartilage.

In other acute cases may require surgical intervention.

Prevention of back pain


To prevent back pain is required for the control of a number of factors. First of all, you should provide a comfortable place to sleep and work.

Uncomfortable bed, or office chair lead to a bad constant pressure on the spine. Prefer orthopedic Carpet, cushions and chairs. Avoid hypothermia, which can cause inflammation.

If your work is related to physical activity, try to produce less possible operations in the next bend. For lifting need to sit with your back straight. You need to watch your weight and try to keep it in the age norm, in order not to overload the spine.

Make sure to participate in physical activity, especially swimming, which form a muscular corset without excessive tension on the joints. Wear comfortable shoes, to avoid wrong loading on the foot and diseases of the musculoskeletal system as a whole.

If you have persistent back pain be sure to consult with your doctor. Remember that only comprehensive survey of identification and current of chronic diseases will be able to give the correct clinical picture and will allow you to assign an adequate treatment. Adherence to doctor recommendations, appropriate medication and a course of special treatments and will help you quickly return to normal life.