back pain

Back pain - an unpleasant manifestation of many diseases or stronger muscles for other reasons. In the majority of cases, the anomaly occurs in the background of various changes in the structure of the joints of the spine and adjacent muscles, nerve endings, or the skin over the spine. In addition, this symptom is accompanied by some disease or malfunction of internal organs.

The location of the pain can tell you a lot about what the internal organs are damaged. Thus, pain in the lower back suggests that it may have hurt the bone of the spine, the person to the development intervertebral hernia, the affected nerves, bone marrow, abdominal cavity and small pelvis.

Pain in the upper back, shown in the background of various diseases of the aorta, cancer or benign tumors in the breast, cough, and also in the background of inflammation of the spine. But much more often, back pain occurs due to the great load on the joints and ligaments of the spine.


Pain in the back, it is not surprising that a perfectly healthy person, but several times more common in diseases. The main causes associated with disorders of the functioning of the body, there are several violations of the integrity of the spine. This group of the pathological causes include the following diseases:

  • osteomyelitis which affects the bone marrow;
  • cancerous growths metastasize or spread to the spine, causing pain in the lower back;
  • the education of hernias of intervertebral discs;
  • displacement of the vertebrae;
  • spinal curves of different degree;
  • fractures or other lesions of this organ;
  • stenosis of the channels of the spine;
  • spondylarthrosis - lesions of the cartilage;
  • fibromyalgia - chronic muscle pain, accompanied by various unpleasant symptoms. Not only is there pain in the upper back, but lower.

The main causes of back pain

BACK pain

The causes of pain which are not associated with diseases of the spine or a change in its structure:

  • bleeding pelvic;
  • the compression of the nerves of the sternum leads to the back when inhaling;
  • gynecological disease often characterized by unpleasant sensations in the right side or at the bottom of the back in General;
  • the accumulation of a large amount of blood in the space retroperitoneal;
  • diseases of the various organs of small pelvis;
  • a dissection aortic;
  • peptic ulcer - causes pain in the back between the shoulder blades;
  • disorders of renal function;
  • tiles;
  • arthritis;
  • disorders of the digestive apparatus and urogenital system cause back pain, to the right or the left (in place of the projection of the body affected);
  • disorders of the organs located in the abdominal cavity;
  • rheumatological disease;
  • tumors in the lungs manifested pain on breathing or coughing;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system cause pain in the side, and often the left;
  • the formation of kidney stones, is manifested the pain in the lower back;
  • appendicitis - with this condition, the pain experienced on both sides;
  • infectious diseases, accompanied by damage to the lungs.

In most cases these reasons can initiate the back pain below the waist.

The factors due to which the pain may occur in sa, adult or child:

  • the duration of the impact of the cold temperatures;
  • the operation of the conditions under which a person is forced to lift weights for hours;
  • sudden movement;
  • with a strong cough (causes of pain in the back above the waist);
  • stay in an uncomfortable position, maybe during the break or during long journeys;
  • the flow of the menstruation;
  • injury or fractures, not necessarily to the spine. Due to fractures, pain of the damaged sites, often gives the back;
  • incorrect posture;
  • increase of the body mass;
  • age division - trouble with the back can occur at any age, but for people of middle and old age as a feature is a characteristic most often because the body can develop a chronic disease, slow down some processes, and why the pain occurs in the muscles of the back (can't spend a lot of time).

We also need to consider a back pain during pregnancy. The woman during the time of feel the weight in the back and pain in the chest when coughing, caused by the growth of the fetus and the pressure that is created. Due to the displacement of the body, the muscles of the lower back and hip strain to support the weight. For these reasons, there is a pain in the back.


Depending on the reasons for this uncomfortable feeling can be localized in different places:

  • back pain above the waist can be intermittent or chronic nature, is mostly caused due to harmless factors, among which, the evil organization at the place of work, or lift heavy objects;
  • pain in the lumbar region - is shown in the background of displacement or herniated discs. The pain can be so strong that there is a back pain when breathing and coughing, but in the horizontal position everything happens;
  • the pain below the waist can occur due to hypothermia or a severe strain on the back. If this symptom is evident when it comes to any disease, you should immediately call an ambulance. For this type is characterized by unpleasant sensations in the right side, which often give to the lower extremities;
  • pain in the shoulder blades - back pain on the left occurs when the heart attack or psychological problems. Often distributed in such unusual places as the right arm, the neck or the groin. On the right side in the formation of stones or other kidney conditions. Pain directly in both the leaves are expressed due to tumors or tuberculosis;
  • back pain on the right gives the sign of difficulty breathing, pneumonia or cancer in the lungs or the bronchi, as well as the entities involved in the urine;
  • back pain on the left indicates a problem with the heart and the respiratory system;
  • pain in the low back - the most common form of discomfort, it may be due to the large number of diseases, for example, when the catarrhal cough, or under the influence of external factors. Tellingly, if the pain can spread to the face and continue for more than three months, this means that the disorder overflowed in the chronic form;
  • pain in the upper part of the back - most caused by tumors, cancerous or metastatic in the lungs or the spine.

Classification of back pain


The symptoms of back pain in different locations, may vary, depending on the causes. Most often the pain in the back, accompanied by these signs:

  • the disability and motor function of the person due to the different intensity of pain and its propagation in different directions, other organs or the extremities;
  • frequent need to the emission of urine, especially if the pain is caused by problems with the kidneys or urinary tract channel;
  • in some cases there is fever;
  • the strong decrease of body weight;
  • diarrhea;
  • weakness and pain in the muscles of the back;
  • nausea, ending in vomiting;
  • the pressure in the chest, the heart and the lungs;
  • the appearance of a sharp pain in lungs when coughing;
  • feeling of lack of air;
  • constant worry;
  • absent-mindedness;
  • the decrease in visual acuity and hearing.

Because the main symptom is pain, which can take on a different character. In some cases it may be acute and sharp, in others a constant and urgent. Often the pain spreads in different directions, internal organs, or in places where, in principle, should not be, for example, the face, the neck, the lower jaw. In some cases, a syndrome of pain, aggravated after a meal, or, conversely, the stalls may occur during sleep due to improper position, or to complete, once a person takes a horizontal position.


Before starting the treatment, the therapist needs to carry out a series of surveys to determine the possible causes of the expression of pain, type and location. For doctor has the full picture over the course of this uncomfortable feeling, the patient needs:


  • provide complete information about your symptoms that accompany the pain in the back, when they appeared for the first time and with what intensity;
  • to Express the assumption that it could lead to a feeling, for example, menstruation, uncomfortable position to sleep or body position while working, coughing or sudden movements, and to allow a specialist check out the complete list of all the diseases of the patient determined over the life;
  • tell where the pain occurs, and which organs or the body of the application. It is very important to determine the diagnosis, because the different location of the pain may indicate a variety of diseases;
  • pass a General exam in which the doctor performs palpation of the spine;
  • tests of blood and urine to determine the pathological process or diseases of the kidneys;
  • to carry out x-ray designed to detect anomalies in the structure of the vertebral column, the thorax and the lungs;
  • go CT and MRI examinations in order to detect possible pathologies of internal organs;
  • to examine the muscles with electromyography;
  • the study of the bone through the injection of a contrast agent. Where they accumulate, and there is a breach;
  • be examined to determine the bone density;
  • in addition, consult with specialists such as a neurologist, rheumatologist, orthopedist and vertebrologist.

After receiving all the results of the tests, the doctor will prescribe an individual treatment for each patient.


If the pain is unbearable, before the arrival of doctors, is necessary to implement measures of first aid:

  • application of cold compress to the back area, where is the pain;
  • to ensure the immobility complete to avoid further damage. The victim has to be the most comfortable position of the body;
  • to take pain medication;
  • remove any load.

After arriving at a medical institution treatment, is based on the treatment of the underlying condition, which may consist of:

  • anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • warming ointments;
  • drugs that eliminate spasm with intense pain in the lower back, as this type of pain is more common in patients;
  • drugs, which will increase the production of the components of cartilage tissue;
  • physiotherapeutic treatment (heating);
  • therapeutic massage;
  • therapy techniques manual, but use them only as directed by your healthcare doctor because the evil celebration of this type of treatment is likely to aggravate the situation;
  • acupuncture - similar to the previous paragraph is used with permission of the doctor;
  • medical intervention - is that only in some cases, such as Oncology or it is necessary to establish an intervertebral prosthesis;
  • wearing a special corset which will reduce the load on the spine and the lower back.


Preventive methods to prevent the occurrence of back pain are:

  • timely treatment of major diseases of the spine, the lungs, the kidneys and abdominal organs;
  • the rejection of heavy physical exertion and hypothermia of the body, especially to pregnant women;
  • the observance of the correct posture at work and study;
  • provide an environment that is comfortable to sleep on;
  • adjustment of overweight;
  • limiting sudden movements of the back;
  • preventive examinations in the clinic for early detection of pathologies that cause back pain.