Treatments joint foil?

Foil joint treatments

Alternative methods of treatment on a joint of foil as a result of it helps patients to cope with pain symptoms and gives a positive result Nov diseases-skeletal system.

Roll foil in the kitchen preparing food with hostesses and implemented many of the dishes are stored. This kitchen accessory can help you how Nov diseases-the skeletal system and to use it for medical purposes? Turns out, patients with positive status effects unique features of your service with features such as foil joints.

Foil features

The foil is very thin sheet metal (aluminum, steel, silver, gold ). Essentially, this is a metal "paper" is just too plastic and flexible, any shape and wrap or packaging to use the product. Aluminum foil used in food and pharmaceutical industry, a perfect reflector of infrared (heat) radiation. This feature is enabled when preparing meals foil food storage products and cabinet application for a wind instrument.

It is useful to know
I found the application of highly reflective foil and the medicine ability, so physiotherapeutic treatment, Nov-skeletal system. The treatment technique is to apply hot applications or wrap foil, reduce heat and deep warming. This feature is commonly used to prevent freezing of material.
Foil features

Sheet metallized joint diseases but a normal food may help? There is a theory according to which curative effect due to the ability of the foil to reflect the energy meridians of the body resulting to plant. Biologically active points are detected as signals emitting during any violation of, and have mercy on us.

Reflecting foil, this plant is back to the same point, the potential energy responsible for the patient's organ. A phenomenon that causes such an effect, bio-resonance, positive affect, and restorative cell structure and integrity, in the field of energy disorder.

Thanks, conservation biology, and the recovery of epidermal cells has been increased interaction with the fields matrix, joint. Lost reduces the severity of pain syndrome, reduces inflammation, swelling in the area of the lesion, restores joint mobility joint. Limfoottoka blood circulation and reducing heat transfer processes active, normal cartilage nutrition and the texture of Nov, accelerated metabolic processes, promoting the functions of back joint.

The treatment stimulates the regenerative process and adjustment of the foil activates and strengthens the immune system, speed up the recovery process and cope with the permission of the body, pathological Defense.

Indications and contraindications

Nov diseases-skeletal system The use of foil for medicinal purposes recommended in the following situations:

  • the problem is the pain during артрозе, arthritis, and gout;
  • the case of остеохондрозе spine relief;
  • symptoms of sciatica treatment;
  • help joint injuries (sprains, dislocations).

Also analgesic, anti-edema and anti-inflammatory action, procedure, and contribute to excessive uric acid salts in the joints of malfunction using the foil body, improves joint mobility and relieves morning stiffness in joints.

Wrap treatments, overlay compresses, applications, contraindications include foil should be taken into consideration. Among them:

  • infection and purulent complications in the process of developing the joint cavity – in this case, only strengthen the pain, promotes growth, inflammation and promote inflammation of the surrounding tissues penetration;
  • continuous high blood pressure (hypertension);
  • of the tumor process;
  • heavy pathology of the cardiovascular system;
  • in the area of the intended effects of skin damage (erosion, abrasion);
  • during an allergic reaction that can occur in contact with aluminium foil;
  • the entity that attaches stimulant implant or a metal – foil increases the risk of contact with them, ret;
  • the localization of the disease with dermatological symptoms (rash, erosion) in the area of the joint of the patient;
  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
It is useful to know
Also, the body foil Tue unacceptable, severe respiratory failure, Tue, lower extremities – thrombophlebitis and diabetes, or polyneuropathy complex foot ischemia.

Joints treatment foil?

There are certain rules that must be followed when applying foil for medicinal purposes:

Foil treatment on the joints
  1. high grade aluminum foil with plastic treatment methods available;
  2. cannot keep for a long time to compress and foil application, the duration of treatment shall not exceed 2 hours a day 7-8 hours of night;
  3. foil by applying a skin should be a bright (bright) surface, the matte side, the heat dissipation blocks;
  4. if a compress of the napkins they used, the gauze is impregnated with a solution of the drug, foil, cellophane tape, make sure a layer between him and fire non-corrosion a metal surface is an application.

Besides the time limit with the procedures of the metallized sheet, horses, thermal radiation, prevents oxygen from entering, and removal poteau-secretes oil. As a result, the greenhouse effect created under a cover and creates an environment that irritates the bandage, perfect for reproduction of disease-causing microorganisms.

Foil treatment on the joints in your hands and feet

Foil winding used in the form of joint pain is a problematic area. Metallized thin hair any shape well regarded, therefore, strips, wrap in foil, fingerprints or adhesive tape for attachment to the top of the joints and the patients. Tue of the affected joint for a sufficient layer of foil.

In the treatment of the knee articular the foil is necessary several times in a row, in a safe manner the crop, compress, or bandage an elastic bandage on the knee. In this way, moving and busy, the usual household chores all the time much longer treatment procedure. Similarly, income in the treatment of elbow, ankle, or shoulder joint of the crop of the foil during the procedure a bandage.

If the foil used for the treatment of joint ointment at the same time with the first region and then applied to the treated area after the close joint drug foil, polyethylene film applied to a patient, crop top and a bandage or Band-Aid.

Who suffer from gout the small joints, fingers and toes. Finger edema wrap the foil adhesive tape recommended to secure each patient because of pain. Just stop treating heel spurs, cans, foil, and attach the tape to her heel. Such a practice, if possible a night.

In other cases, you need to keep the foil bandage, 40 minutes and 2 hours, every type depends on the disease and the severity of the symptoms. Foil completed the procedure you are advised to make joint morning, noon and night. Treatment time – 1 to 3 weeks.

Spine treatment

Doctors do not recommend a остеохондрозе wraps, and the "silver Bridge" in a region troubled with a hard foil. This is easy to do. For the procedure you need to purchase, a pharmacy, a wide Band-Aid over her cut a piece of size 10×15 cm strips of foil and stick him tight in width (0.5 cm -1), thus had a glossy surface. The distance between the surface of the foil strips up to 1.5 cm must better detection on the edges of the body with a sticky foil time fields blank, width 2 cm

As a result, the obtained foil is a kind of bridge. Secured with a lesion in the region of the spine should be parallel wound foil tape in the way of the strips are arranged in perpendicular to. Keep the "silver bridge" for three days without removing. If necessary, you can increase day-to-day routines by changing the Band-Aid and complete disappearance of pain. When replacing the patch to the skin should be cleaned in the field of software vegetable oil or broth, herbs.

A radiculitis, lumbosacral region sacral остеохондрозе, accompanied by strong low back pain, it is recommended for wear belt custom made 2 times. The first layer is elastic, and easily will be тянущейся fabric, skin, and second foil strips pasted with her dense material to perform treatment functions. You need a belt to wear like three times a day, about 40 minutes.

Several layers of folded foil in the treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease (5-6 ) in place and attach the neck to the expression of pain, just brighter. Cover the top with foil, napkin, gauze, medical tape to keep it secure at least 30 minutes.

Spine treatment

The effect of active energy, and hence it is possible to provide this kind of treatment just for the effect when you run all the suggestions, right-imposing applications, foil and optimum respect of the duration of the operation. We shouldn't forget that there are alternative methods that are specific contraindications. For this reason, be sure to consult your doctor before beginning treatment, so not all diseases, the joints with aluminium foil in contact with the skin and will benefit from the thermal effect.

About therapy, joint foil

Using foil diseases, joint – this is a more helpful method together with folk recipes used in conjunction with drug therapy, and exercise therapy, massage, physiotherapeutic sessions. However, patient reviews, and experienced, this method on its own, confirm, yield and tangible to talk about quite positive results.