Why painful lymph nodes neck

Why painful lymph nodes neck

Basic function the lymphatic system of the human body's defense toxins, pathogens and viruses. The most important elements of a specific system, in which the lymph glands, of the size, normally the size of a pea.A yellow fluid that contains white blood cells and lymph nodes (lymph).Final washes, cells, organs, pathogenic microorganisms and cancer cells in the lymph nodes локализуя evolved. This mechanism delay the spread of infection, malignant neoplasm and body growth.

Forward directly to the destruction of cancer cells that occurs in the lymph nodes, lymphocytes starting active virus and germs you can share. The lymph node could mean a slight increase, he began to study the more active there is a disease that is related to beginning. Sore lymph nodes in the neck, this close to an inflammatory process about water and development.

The pathogen is capable of secretly lymph nodes the disease in the following ways:

  • Hematogenous way.
  • Through lymph.
  • The communication path.
The organism was given the name of this reaction lymphadenitis. The lymph system pathology that requires special attention, a doctor, always a friend has a serious illness. So, for help in time of need professional medical help.

The reasons lymphadenitis's cervical

Lymph glands in the neck are usually one-sided. This defeat is mainly a source of education or infectious inflammation of a nearby socket. Provoke growth of lymph nodes, tonsils, salivary, ear, tear glands, then you should consult a doctor immediately.

The reasons cervical lymphadenitis

Enlarged lymph nodes in the neck a few months later the doctor suspect the presence of malignancy. In such cases, a sharp decline noted elasticity of the lymphatic vessels to nearby lymph nodes, an increase in the involvement of the pathological process all of them. The lymph node itself is a solid touch, it is a different pain.

So why the increase in lymph node may be reasons include:

  • Bacterial, fungal and viral infections (common cold, acute tonsillitis, tuberculosis, chicken pox, influenza, toxoplasma, rubella, stomatitis, otitis media, dental caries, periodontitis).
  • Parasites.
  • Mechanical injury.
  • Human immunodeficiency virus.
  • Immune. To date, illness, stress, cold, vitamin deficiency can cause lymphadenitis. Often that can cause chronic lymphadenitis infectious diseases.
  • Autoimmune diseases.
  • Toxins from the blood.
  • Oncology. Lymphadenitis development may arise, and the tumor of lymphatic tissue.
  • Quite rare cause of lymphadenitis: alcoholism, thyroid abnormality, or metabolism.

Lymphadenitis reasons such as individual properties:

  • Allergic drugs.
  • Allergies, insect toxins.
  • Vaccine immune response is plotted.

In such cases, notes, swollen lymph nodes, a distinct pain, possible swelling of the face, increased body temperature, chills.

Classification of diseases

Lymphadenitis's many stages risk factors include: Classification of diseases
  1. Neck's a little sore lymph nodes, palpation is determined by an increase in them potty. Celebrate the sick fatigue, headache, and increased body temperature is a long time.
  2. Greatly increased lymph node visually determined (pea to egg size may vary), pain, palpation, motion during swallowing. Patient complaints of fatigue, body temperature increased, discomfort during head rotation, decreased appetite, headache.
  3. Severe pain and redness, testify to the development of the lymph node purulent inflammation. Sick notes high temperature (40), fever, chills, a bad mood, apathy, nausea, and vomiting. Constant headaches, dizziness that may indicate a serious poisoning your body.

Chronic Lymphadenitis the symptoms listed above may not be available. Diagnostic pathology lymph nodes, it could be very problematic because there is almost no difference to the touch. In such cases, any treatment that causes an irreversible degeneration of cervical lymph nodes gradually.

Cervical lymphadenitis in childhood

Lymph nodes infection is commonly seen in children, frequently sick with a cold. An inflammatory process may occur even in infancy age, however, in such cases, the diagnostic node is difficult. Quite often heal by themselves after the children during colds and lymph nodes. It should also be noted, some of the lymph nodes because of its special location (individual characteristics, child) looks like Is increased and does not require treatment.

Lymphadenitis quite a lot of children's development, the most common include: For the development of lymphadenitis in children
  • Bacterial and viral infection (angina, influenza, toxoplasma, mononucleosis).
  • Would draw a response.
  • Skin Cover damage (scratches, cat, rodent).
Keep that in mind.
If that bothers the child for a long time lymph node for no apparent reason, inflammation in the body. To put it accurate diagnosis and an effective treatment can be prescribed just a doctor after holding a proper diagnosis.

Lymphadenitis pregnant women

Inflammation of the lymph nodes carries a special danger during pregnancy for this illness because you can leave the body as the negative effects for mother and fetus. Women always decrease the immune disease occurs as a result of carrying a child, the same factors that could provoke him. In such cases it can be a challenge while choosing medications.

Lymphadenitis is strictly prohibited during pregnancy treatment yourself. You should see a doctor, it is possible to find the cause of the inflammation, to assign the most effective and safe drugs. Treatment, with their health closely and consult a specialist first unpleasant symptoms best.
Basic diagnostic methods in pathology

Basic diagnostic methods in pathology

There are more than one hundred different diseases of the lymphatic system The ability to cause a reaction. So that need to be made differential diagnosis, pathology, and symptoms of even mild attention.

Today, the most convenient and informative method of diagnostic ultrasonography (ULTRASOUND). To determine this, shape and size, lymph nodes, the structure of evaluating them, in some cases, the air lesion formations. For example, a herpetic infection that leads to several lymph nodes increase at the same time.

Ultrasound is limited to important opportunities to understand, therefore, additional meeting may be required to confirm the diagnosis, clinical and laboratory studies:
  • Clinical blood analysis.
  • MRI.
  • Computerized tomography.
  • Radiography.
  • Bearing lymph node biopsy, histological studies of the tissue then.
An X-ray method will be effective, of course lymph calcification, i.e., calcium salts accumulation in lymphoid formations. To make changes, metabolic disturbances or significant lasts a couple of years.


If painful lymph glands in the neck, effectively eliminate the treatment treatment procedures should include the pathology of inflammation and symptoms of the bed to provide. Definitely the cause and the treatment should be selected depending on the individual scene. It is important to remember, the lymphatic system, the body's ability to produce lymphocytes physiological thanks to the shield that are able to cope with the different nature of the diseases that are caused by pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites). A simple inflammation of the body able to handle on your own so you can.

Treatment Lymph node pain on the ground for a long time if organism is a common poisoning, commonly used in the following treatment scheme:
  • Reduced physical activity, bed rest, drinking plenty of fluids.
  • Application anti-inflammatory drugs, and soft with antibacterial effect. Maybe use steroid medications ineffectiveness.
  • Additional pain medication use, and broad-spectrum antibacterial intake of vitamin preparations to provide soil reinforcement tools to speed up the recovery.
  • Maybe use the public methods of treatment: medicinal mouthwash отварами herbs (chamomile, calendula) that will allow a tropical inflammation that affects a nest. What is important to remember that only conventional medicine as a treatment will help can move.
  • Fix power. Increase the amount of diet that contains the vitamins that is required for fruits, vegetables (onions, citrus), to help fight infection, add, and milk products.
  • Appointment UHF-therapy will reduce, within a period of recovery. This treatment technique is based on the inflamed area ультравысоких frequency electromagnetic field effects.
  • In the absence of timely medical help in clinical situations who are working to remedy the surgical treatment (excision biopsy or total spending, lymph node).
Lymphadenitis lymph node cannot be a heating, rub the affected area with iodine and apply it. These events can cause brain lesions increased risk for infection from spreading.

Basic prevention measures

Special containment because there's this applies to polyethylene glycol lymphadenitis disease disease (pathology is developing for many reasons).

Basic prevention measures However, to avoid inflammation of the lymph nodes that will allow the following activities:
  • A regular correctly and hardening.
  • Health care the immune system.
  • Timely treatment of acute infectious disease, chronic and doesn't allow them to go.
  • Dress warmly in cold weather and exclude most works.
  • Reduce the risk of injury, infection, wounds.

It is important to remember, any discomfort on the neck, under the chin and neck most of the time, treatment of anxiety symptoms. The increased amount of lymph nodes on the neck and sore if serious inflammatory process. Radical surgery may be required to avoid carrying all of this pain syndrome occurs when a specialist immediately adhere to prescriptions.