The treatment of cervical chondrosis s at home

Cervical chondrosis

One of the most common and delivering constant discomfort, the disease is cervical chondrosis, so that the treatment at home this disorder is a hot topic. The first stage of degenerative changes of the intervertebral discs – chondrosis – in the majority of cases asymptomatic, and provides all of the risk: late detection and delayed treatment can lead to compression of the blood vessels and circulatory disorders of the brain. This is why everyone should have at least a superficial notion of how to detect and treat cervical chondrosis.

Causes and symptoms

Early chondrosis of the cervical spine can be found mainly in the elderly. Today, more often the disease is diagnosed in young people who spend a lot of time on the computer, office and static of the works.

In the presence of cervical chondrosis people that can disturb:

  • Pain in the neck that radiates to the shoulders;
  • The Tinnitus and floaters in front of eyes;
  • Dull headaches and regular dizzy;
  • Crisis and "fits" in the cervical spine;
  • The instability of the blood pressure;
  • "Lump" in the throat when swallowing;
  • Poor sleep;
  • General weakness and constant fatigue.

Treatment at home

Of course, in acute pain you should immediately contact the medical centre. But experienced patients, having learned a long time ago, all the symptoms do not always do so and, finally, master the skills of first aid and practice for the treatment of cervical chondrosis s at home. The doctors after examination and diagnosis can tell you how to treat chondrosis back home, if the disease is in an advanced stage. Most of the methods are quite simple and effective.


The painful symptoms of cervical chondrosis"s sometimes unbearable to withstand, and if we talk about the headache, your presence is unacceptable. For a fast relief of the symptoms of the home first aid kit should be:

  • Analgesics (baralgin, analgin);
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (indomethacin, ibuprofen);
  • Chondroprotector (rumanol, alflutop, chondroxide).

Any of the above painkillers can be purchased over the counter without a prescription, but this does not mean that THAT don't need the advice of experts about its application.

To relieve the inflammation and to prevent cerebrovascular disease can be used remedies. As well as a warming ointment finalgon voltaren, capsicam.

Folk remedies

There are many methods of treatment based on traditional medicine. Some of them are very popular, as they help to eliminate the pain and improve the metabolic processes in the cervical spine during a relatively short period of time. Unfortunately, completely cure chondrosis folk remedies will not work – it is only necessary to a holistic approach.

Options compressing and ways to grind:

  • Express-a poultice of burdock or cabbage. Apply the fresh corresponding to the location of the pain, once it becomes easier.
  • Potatoes RUB on a grater small and mix with the same amount of honey. To relieve the inflammation and pain enough to keep the compress for 10-15 minutes a couple of times a day.
  • A good way to heat the mustard with honey. The neck area should be spread with honey, put mustard plaster and plastic wrap. This compress is advisable to do it every day before you go to sleep during the week.
  • Red hot pepper has anti-inflammatory and warming effect. The vegetables should be finely chop and combine with 100 grams of aloe, 200 grams of honey and a glass of alcohol. In a day you can already use the tool: to do so, immerse in a solution of clean gauze and apply to the inflammation. It is recommended to keep the compress until you feel a strong burning sensation.
  • The petals crushed grain mixed with olive oil and keep for half an hour in a water bath. Strain the mixture through a gauze and RUB before going to sleep bad place.
The location of the pain effective compresses and rubbing

Medicinal tinctures:

  • 1 teaspoon of pre-dried and crushed celery boil for 5 minutes in a liter of water. Then, the mixture needs to steep for a day. Drink a tablespoon before meals.
  • The chopped root and bark of barberry pour the alcohol in a ratio of 1: 10 and infuse for weeks. Point average strain and take 30 drops 20 minutes before meals.
  • 3 tablespoons of ground parsley seeds pour a liter of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes. Broth strain and drink ½ Cup with each meal.

Source of calcium

How to cure cervical chondrosis known to the older generation, which in the preventive purposes recommends the adoption of the shell of normal eggs. This product is of 90% composed of calcium carbonate, which once in the body, it is digested and has a positive effect on the bone quality. Recipe of folk medicines is very simple: carry the eggs to get the shell separated from the inner face of the white film.

Dry the shell to grind in a coffee grinder and drinking on the tip of the spoon, put the juice of a lemon.
Eggshell as a calcium source Self-massage

Self-massage can be used in any environment, both at home and at work during the lunch break. Only a couple of minutes holding it normalizes the blood circulation, decrease pain and improve well-being, and regulate the procedures will stop the processes that destroy cartilage inside the spine.

The man took a sitting position on the table, putting his elbows on the table, and in turn by the cams of the fingers of the one or of the other hand concerns the areas of the neck. Now going to warm up the muscles most heavily influence clicks through the edge of the palm and the phalanges of the thumb. In the area of the pain syndrome must be done with the tips of his fingers, adding a slight tingle. Massage need to feel the heat in the back, usually in the neck area enough for 5-8 minutes. To complete the process you need to caress her neck.

A perfect home massage, folk medicine, using roller or regular glass bottle. Take the "simulator" on the right hand and postukivanie on the right shoulder of the blade to the spine, then repeat the same for the left side. Another version of the massage yourself, lie down on the rolling pin and scissors, the massage of the painful part of the back.

Very well, if the first massage session will take place under the guidance of an expert, a specialist. Nothing heavy, but still has its own identity. For example, kneading of the neck with your fists does not facilitate, but on the contrary, could worsen the pain.

Massager with vibration

Therapeutic massager with the vibration of the cervical spine is a unique device that works not worse than the massage itself. You can buy in any store specializing in medical equipment, but before you commit to a purchase, you should consult with your specialist.

Physical therapy

Exercises for the neck at home is the ideal way not only to reduce pain during exacerbation, but also to avoid it completely. Only need to do the following complex on a regular basis as a morning or an afternoon workout:

  1. Exactly standing or sitting in a chair (so comfortable), begin to make a circular motion clockwise, and then head to the left. Each approach for 2 minutes.
  2. Occupying the same position as in the first exercise, slowly tilt the head forward, backward. After making the inclination to the left and right.
  3. Try as high as possible and without problems to lift the shoulders, leaving the body without movement. Keep in this position for 30 seconds and return to the initial position. These 15-20 approaches.
  4. Put your palm on your forehead so that all finger tips except the large, the feel, the drive and slowly dissolve them in the parties. To maximize the circulation, the exercise was repeated with the temporal part of the head.
  5. Keep a level head position, pull the neck all the way back, retracting the chin. After 5 seconds and return to the initial position, relaxed seated in the chair. Perform between 5 and 10 repetitions.

Chondrosis neck – a disease that is not treated in a day. Therefore, the above set of exercises should be performed continuously, gradually increase the number of groups and representatives. Therefore, the neck muscles will be trained to become stronger and more healthy. And the probability of new episodes of pain with each new lesson will decrease. In consequence, any deviation of the schedule – a step backwards for headaches.


Any disease is better to prevent than to treat it. To reduce the likelihood of developing cervical chondrosis must:

  • Eat well. You have to create a complete and balanced diet. The daily menu should include a sufficient amount of protein foods (meat, fish, dairy products). You also need a regular serving of fresh vegetables and fruit, which after digestion in the spinal discs to dissolve the salt deposits. Special attention should be paid to mode drinking water: rate of adults in the pure non-carbonated water – 2-2,5 liters per day.
  • Lead an active lifestyle. Daily time outdoor, Hiking or Cycling, practice, prevention of sport (swimming, Pilates, yoga). Categorically not lift weights, and if it is impossible to avoid it, to distribute the load evenly in both hands, trying not to overload your back.
  • Always the correct position of the body. The habit of maintaining a level stance is needed to develop as children. During a long stay in the same position has to take breaks to warm-up. During sleep, a comfortable and correct position will help to observe a special orthopedic mattresses and pillows.