The reasons because of which a very back pain

Severe back pain is a dangerous symptom, which in any case can not be tolerated. The reasons can be very diverse, from degenerative changes of the spine for diseases of the internal organs. If much back pain, it is first necessary to give physiological rest, to take a comfortable position.

In addition to the performances, call the doctor at home, and the acute, unbearable, acute pain, when it is difficult to find relieves the posture, is to call an ambulance. If the attack, the man who happens not for the first time, and he knows the reason, you can take an analgesic (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). In the painful place you can also put a cold rag. Next, you should contact the clinic and inform the doctor about the worsening of the disease.


The man with back pain

Sharp pain in the back it has another origin. The pain syndrome is acute or paroxysmal in nature, suddenly appears, worried continually or periodically. The pain may be pain, pulling, eripiant partas and grow after a long stay in one position. Bottom of the back there is sometimes a feeling of stiffness, heaviness, tingling, it can cause numbness or tingling. Severe back pain significantly reduces the quality of life, impairs performance.

The risk group includes the following people:

  1. accountants, programmers, etc. (who for a long time sitting at the computer);
  2. people with excess of weight;
  3. people leading a sedentary lifestyle (lack of exercise);
  4. the people who work hard, performs intensive physical work;
  5. those who have suffered a back injury;
  6. professional athletes;
  7. elderly;
  8. pregnant women, women after delivery.

To cause pain sudden careless movement, hypothermia. Diseases accompanied by pain in the back:

  1. scoliosis;
  2. osteochondrosis;
  3. spondiloarthrosis;
  4. herniated output;
  5. the infringement of the roots;
  6. violations of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
  7. neuralgia;
  8. trauma;
  9. infectious processes, tumors, etc.

Back pain can be the result of various injuries: blows, wounds, fractures, etc. Mechanical trauma is a reason for immediate treatment to the doctor, although, at first glance, it seems nothing serious. Pain syndrome with minor injuries (e.g., wounds) may appear immediately, but after some time. In severe cases, more acute intense pain, it can be observed paresis, paralysis.

To determine the severity of the disease the patient is prescribed x-ray, CT, MRI. In some cases, can help only surgery as conservative treatment of injuries is aimed only at the elimination of symptoms. After the operation is followed by a long course of rehabilitation. Even this amount of medical intervention does not guarantee that severe back pain does not bother the person throughout life.


The pathological process often localized in the lower back or the cervical spine. The vertebrae have a large mobility, they are also subjected to great pressure as a result of unsustainable physical activity and any other circumstances leading to changes pathological. Cartilage prone to metabolic diseases, inflammation and the accumulation of salts. To identify osteoarthritis get an MRI.

Pain acute attack occurs due to degenerative changes in the discs. In the development mechanism of the pain is the inflammation and trapped nerve roots. Acute pain in the neck radiating to the shoulder girdle, arms, shoulders. The progression of the disease, which affects the area of the breast, with a severe pain appears in the sternum. Fully heal from degenerative disc disease is impossible, but to improve the quality of life is possible.


When the irrational distribution of the load in the back, a long stay in one position, the sedentary life, the spinal column is subjected to deformation changes. The muscle is constantly having spasms, nerve endings are violated. From the acute pain. The onset is often in childhood, when children begin to go to school, spend a lot of time behind a desk, doing heavy text books.

For the detection of scoliosis, special studies are needed. The doctor will determine the curvature without instrumental methods during a routine examination.

It is a violation of the skeleton, where the vertebral column curves posteriorly more anatomical rules. At the beginning of the disease the patient is seen inclinavit ergo fleret, with the development of the pathological process is formed in a hump. The shoulders are issued anteriorly, the thorax is reduced. Because of this, intervertebral discs of the thoracic are compressed and the pain. The most dangerous is kifoskolioticheskaya shape, the back is curved while in the different departments.


This disease, changes of the cartilage of the joints. The cartilages lose their elasticity and flexibility. Bone tissue is slowly removed, but are formed pathological bone growths – osteophytes. That causes severe pain and damaging surrounding soft tissue and nerves. Often these patients need surgery, because conventional treatment gives a temporary, the symptom effect.


Bring to as intervertebral discs lose their elasticity and durability. The vertebrae, therefore, have in driving a double load. All of this leads to the fact that the cartilage is beginning to emerge in anatomically normal limits.

The localization of the pathological process in the spinal canal it alters the sensitivity, can occur paresis, paralysis. In the result of the root compression is causing severe pain attacks. To detect a hernia by CT and MRI. The disease can be treated surgically. Now use less traumatica laser intervention, which reduces the recovery period.


Under the influence of factors of traumatic, hypothermia, physical exhaustion starts the inflammation, which affects the nerves also. So the development of neuralgia. The sign – sharp, tribunus plebis modestus, "contraries" of pain in different parts of the back, to the right or to the left, bottom, chest, etc. The pain can appear in strong movements, strong cough.

In this state, take painkillers and anti-inflammatory pills and arrange the correct mode of the day.

Pain in the back which can occur in IBS. Have pain burning, pressing nature, radiating to the back, shoulders, jaw, left shoulder. It may seem that the pain in the left side. The patient may specify the precise location behind the breastbone. A symptom typical of coronary pain relief of nitroglycerin sublingually. Heart pain after pills or nitrospray happens after 5-10 minutes. If the attack has a duration of 20 minutes or more, there is no reason to think of the myocardial infarction. I have to call an ambulance!

Another of the causes of the severe acute back pain – renal colic. The process localized to one side. The pain is so severe that the patient tosses in bed, unable to find a position forced. While there are dysuric disorders, the urine is separated a little bit, you can have the blood. The pain extends in the course of the ureter down given at the bottom of the abdomen, the groin. All these conditions require medical assistance urgent!

What to do in case of pain syndrome.

If the symptoms indicate coronary, renal origin of pain (especially if the patient knows about the presence of the relevant issues), you need to call an ambulance. These patients are admitted to the intensive care unit. When the syndrome coronary should take semi-sitting position, loosen tight clothing, take under the tongue nitroglycerin. Renal colic required that does not involve any patient may help in the heat of the area on the affected side. Conventional analgesics in renal, hepatic colic, acute syndrome coronary artery does not help. The patient is administered opioids.

The above-described condition, that require medical treatment urgently. In other cases, threatening the life of the patient. If the patient knows that he has back problems, is not going to be able to facilitate the attack take anti-inflammatory drug analgesic. It is important to ensure complete physiological rest, to remove any charge in the period of exacerbation.

In diseases of the locomotor system acute anti-inflammatory use, calefactionem cunctam ointment. In severe cases, when the pills don't help you, doctors prescribe injections of procaine, lidocaine blockade. If the symptoms have not disappeared, prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

As soon as the condition gets better, you need to come to the doctor. If the patient has addressed for the first time, the specialist to determine why the back pain and what to do if there is severe pain. In the period of remission, when the pain attack was stopped, the patient is administered therapeutic massage, exercise therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, etc. All of these methods are applicable in the early stages of the disease. In severe cases, surgery is necessary.

It is useful to wear a special corset orthopedic that give support to the back and to reduce the load. These devices are also recommended during pregnancy to reduce the load on the spine. Good effect on back problems gives physiotherapy. Complex prescribed by your doctor, and is best done under the supervision of an instructor.

Exercise for the back

Examples of exercises:

  1. Lie down on your back. Bend the leg at the knee. Another bend and stretch, touching the ground. Do 10 repetitions, then switch legs.
  2. Lie down on the ground. To bend feet in knees. They take it in turns to make your knees out to the sides.
  3. Put your hands on his shoulders, made a movement of rotation forward and backward.
  4. Hands up in the castle. No lean back, try to look at the palm of the hand.
  5. To do torso twists.

It is important not to forget about prevention. If you have extra weight, you need to reset it. You must lead an active lifestyle, especially sedentary workers. The work place should be well designed, it is best to purchase a special reclining chair. You also have to pay attention to the shoes is to avoid excessive use of high heels or models with an uncomfortable Shoe. Diseases of the spine it is easier to prevent than treat, so you need to keep in mind about the above simple and workable rules.