Why low back pain in women: 9 of the main causes, treatment and prevention

You may have symptoms of low back pain in women diseases of the spine, kidney, and reproductive organs could be the result of injury to the system, therefore, ask about the body's signal that cannot be ignored. Let's see, why a sore waist, women, and more state that can be treated.

Features low back pain, women and the mechanism of their formation

Of low back pain in women can be short term, long term or permanent character. This gives you glimpse of time to find questionable reasons. For example, a short section on pain in the lumbar region, the external effects occurs most frequently in rear – injury, or physical load.


At the same time constantly feeling pain can be more serious reasons to talk about how, for example, остеохондрозе lumbar, kidney disease, nerve branches, etc.

Therefore, long-term or permanent pain in the lumbar region that requires ask an expert, first of all, a doctor, a therapist. Based on Dr. in the survey, related to the route of the problem and is already possible to guess the reason the body expert.

It is important to determine the intensity and localization of pain syndrome for a long time.

It can be a pain depending on the intensity, small, medium, dense and strong.

Low back pain may be one-way and опоясывающими. Unilateral pain is typical for the localization of infections, ovarian, kidney disease, stones, ureter, etc. Also, pain lower abdomen, inner thigh, genitals, coccyx, hips, or upper quadrant.

Very often pain in women lower abdominal pain in the lumbar region.

Also, I must say, the pain may be localized above and below the waist. The woman of this uncomfortable and unpleasant pain syndrome other symptoms, e.g. increased body temperature, weakness, discharge, different characters, abdominal pain, headache, dizziness, etc.

Now we can do what low back pain in women.

Wound waist: causes in women

There are features that suit a woman's body, for example, the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause, gynecological diseases significantly expand the range of diseases, provoked pain, lumbar region. To occur in young adult males, low back pain, spine with a relevant pathology in the first place. At the same time, the first rule required for the specific causes of low back pain in women, regardless of age.

In women the causes may be physiological and pathological status, such as low back pain.

Physiological causes of low back pain you need to differentiate between the following:

  • pregnancy;
  • pieces;
  • menopause.

Pathological syndrome and causes pain in the lumbar region may be factors such as:

  • excessive physical load;
  • гиподинамия;
  • hypothermia;
  • disease of the vertebral column;
  • kidney, urinary tract diseases;
  • pathology in organs of reproductive system;
  • injury.

Let's see in more detail, the reason for each is to learn as far as possible, self-help in such cases.

Pregnancy and back pain

Very often pregnancy accompanied by back pain, especially in the last trimester. Provoke the emergence of pain syndrome, the following factors:

  • weight set;
  • re-load the spine;
  • weakening, Nov tonus;
  • extension to the pelvic cavity.

Are the factors that are listed in the last months of pregnancy, when the fetus is gaining weight effects weight women and actively prepared for the birth of the pelvic bone.

At the same time the lines of low back pain in early pregnancy a signal can be often dangerous too early to talk about low. Also кровянистыми secretions may accompany the pain, increased body temperature, general weakness etc.

Therefore to avoid serious consequences, the woman and the fetus, should be reported immediately to the doctor-obstetrician-gynecologist about the pain.

Treatment. Lumbar pain is very pregnancy and if the woman no associated pathology, to alleviate the situation, it is recommended to wear a special bandage you can buy pharmacy. Such a fixture and reduce the load on the spine of the center of gravity of the body to normal.

Above normal weight gain a woman's notes, then again, one must eat: limit sweets, pickles, animal fats and other high-calorie foods.

Headaches, back pain, pain during yoga, swimming, Pilates or gym.

Menstrual pain.

Menstrual pain can be localized, and only the lower abdomen, but the lumbar, sacrum. When lower back pain occurs in the region of the fundamental role this case plays in changing the hormonal balance in the female body.

My aching back months ago as a result of the level increases in the blood during this period, progesterone reduces pain sensitivity threshold. Therefore, even the smallest contractions of the uterus may cause the sensation of pain occurs.


Also pain syndrome low back pain before and during menstruation the following factors:

  • fluid retention causing edema and tissue growth, body weight, stretchable capsule and ligaments, organs, particularly the uterus, bladder, pressure on the spine and muscles;
  • irritation of nerve endings in the endometrium myometrial layer with the aim abbreviations procedural branch;
  • existence spiral a means of birth control, especially if that is incorrect;
  • прогестинов effect, which shows itself in the bowel wall, intestinal pain, diarrhea. Therefore, the monthly previously often sore tail, sacrum and lumbar.

Treatment. Expression, menstrual pain doctor-gynecologist may be consider prescription medication. Antispazmodik or homeopathic remedies may be valid in this case. Also in this period it is recommended to limit the use of fluid and salt.

Menopause and low back pain

Menopause is characterized by ovarian weak as a result of the study, significantly changing the hormonal background of a woman. Due to the lack of estrogen in the body which leads to osteoporosis or bone fragility in a visible bone, it is often accompanied by that nagging pain, joint and back pain.

Age of menopausal women, the risk increases considerably, and degenerative disc disease itself, characteristic for low back pain.

Treatment. You must first determine the cause of lower back pain, is then assigned этиологическая, symptomatic treatment. Necessarily patients assigned mineral complexes, strengthen bone tissue, vitamins, exercise therapy, physical exercise to strengthen back corset Nov.

A therapeutic complex is also complete with a balanced diet. Your daily diet must be present fruits, vegetables, dairy products, fish, meat and poultry.

Excessive physical load and low back pain

We're celebrating a very stylish women Back Pain After weight lifting, gym, extreme, active, children's play, work in the yard, etc. road factors spasm, Nov, back, causes irritation to nerve endings, manifested by pain in the waist and across the back. Also difficult for a woman lean forward.

Normally you must go through the pain the next day, if not, you should see a doctor-neurologist, to rule out pathological spine.

Гиподинамия and back pain

That creature, like cars, public transport, Lift, computer, TV, etc to promote immobility and atrophy causing decreased Nov power, the muscles of the body, especially your back.


The corset protects your spine and captures Nov steep, therefore, weakening him, broken posture, visible, and low back pain and lumbar hernia including. Accompanied by a listed disease, pain, back, lumbar, sacrum.

Treatment. Single and pain that is caused by гиподинамией effective fighting method, an active lifestyle. This will be enough for a transport instead of driving, walking, movement, elevator – Escalator, a sedentary job needed to do small engine breaks every two-three hours. It is also recommended, swim, gymnastics, yoga, sports, Hiking, etc.

Hypothermia and low back pain

Back pain dress warmly and stay dry during the hot season more sick more often then the winter of the year. This coming winter we dress warmly and outside, therefore the temperature difference waist feel strong. While working here in the summer, and the waist in the region improves blood circulation activating, Nov activity, therefore, even the slightest breeze of the wind, visible Nov and spasm causes pain.

Treatment. Must adhere to strict bed rest during your back pain happen after 2-3 days, lubrication ointment analgesic waist, except for the drugs the doctor assigned acceptance, sauna, hot tub and restrict physical activity.

Disease of the vertebral column and lower back pain

Most often this disease women with vertebral column pain, and osteochondritis. In addition, the lumbar spine low back pain is more common, more defeat of other sections of the spine. The reason for this high mobility of the vertebral column the lumbar vertebrae and a big load in this section.


Threat of complications, such as osteochondritis, formation, hernia, and nerve impingement. Low back pain and pain in the lumbar spine and in the lumbar region accompanied by complications, which may give the lower leg, pelvis, sacrum, and coccyx.

Treatment. Combat остеохондрозом applied anti-inflammatory drugs and exercise therapy, physical therapy methods.

Threatening complications arise if spinal dysfunctions or spinal cord compression, a surgical intervention.

Kidney disease, urinary tract infections and lower back pain

Kidney diseases and urinary tract infections often cause pain is accompanied by back pain. For example, lower back pain is more common in chronic pyelonephritis. The wound on the right side of the waist, a woman is most likely the cause lies in unilateral lesions is an inflammatory process.

Also, only rarely manifest urinary tract kidney disease and low back pain. Still these patients Complain of increased body temperature, general weakness, loss of appetite, nausea, increased sweating, frequent urination, appearance of blood or pus, urine, etc., for example, low back pain and frequent urination in women the most common symptoms of a bladder infection and kidney stone disease.

Treatment. Treatment of pyelonephritis and cystitis because the cause of this disease is to apply antimicrobials pathogenic microorganisms. Drug treatment is of the essence, you must follow a diet which is also an exception for the daily ration of smoked meats, spices, and salt restriction.

Organs, pathology, reproductive system, and low back pain

gynecological diseases

Low back pain, the woman who is often uncomfortable, pain гинекологическими diseases, namely:

  • ovarian cysts;
  • polyps of the uterus into the cavity;
  • endometriosis;
  • апоплексией ovarian;
  • inflammation, ovarian;
  • inflammation, tubal;
  • cervical cancer and other.

The mechanism of formation pain gynecological diseases associated with impaired hormonal background, inflammatory processes, the distributed fabric waist region.

Whatever the reason, when you are prompted lower back pain is accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen, vaginal discharge is secretions of a different nature, an increase in temperature, impaired menstrual bleeding and other symptoms, a doctor should be consulted specialist doctor – gynecologist. Threat for any gynecological disease, infertility.

As you can see, there are reasons for low back pain, many of the fair sex, some physiological, and bear health hazards. However, in most cases, back pain is a symptom of many different diseases, therefore, requires a comprehensive review of the body and appropriate treatment.