5 diseases that are disguised as pain in the back

Fans to heat a back pain should know that your pain in reality can be very different origin and warming something in this case is not only useless, and sometimes dangerous. Back pain can be caused by problems with the organs pelvic. For example, in women it is associated with painful menstruation (who have their own reasons) and adhesions and ovarian cysts, inflammation of the appendages, endometriosis, and even with an ectopic pregnancy, which requires emergency care. Warming in all these cases is strictly prohibited.

To find out if all was well in the organs pelvic using ultrasound.

Where to go from back pain?

back pain

Traditionally low back pain in our country, he decided to go to the neurologist. It is not always correct and do not have: pain in the spine can "prove" any of these professional doctor of physical therapy, physical therapy, surgeon, or physician.


Men with the appearance of back pain is to remember, how long it has been checked the state of the gland of the prostate. The fact that the symptoms of prostatitis chronic it can be a pain not only in the abdomen and the perineum, but also lower back – often at the same time.

If the lower back hurts me to the great men, and to know the state of your prostate, you should visit a urologist.


The back pain may not have any relation with the back she often take pain in the kidneys. The reason is the suspect if the back pain in the sides, more or less in the places where there are palm trees, if you pull them in the back. In addition, you should think about the kidney if the lower back pain on one side. But whatever the nature of the pain – she's pulling, or, conversely, the cut, if she appeared in the lumbar region, the kidneys need to check in any case.

If the kidneys, a sample of urine and the ultrasound.

Do not freeze!

You definitely need to consult a doctor if

  • the back pain persist, when he goes to bed, and my back pain at night;
  • on the background of pain has increased the body temperature;
  • pain in any region of the spine occurred after the injury;
  • you are less than 18 and older than 60 years;
  • recently recovered from the infection;
  • in addition to the back pain, you have numbness;
  • you are taking medication hormonal;
  • before the recovery of the cancer.


Spine pain thoracic (what people usually describe as "pain between the shoulder blades") can be associated with disorders of the heart until the myocardial infarction. Particularly worrying symptom: the pain is accompanied by coughing or any breathing problems. Even though it is not amplified as in the case of neuralgia. Need an ambulance, and in this case, if the harm is diffuse and not accurately show the affected area, if your character does not depend on the posture (back pain in general responds to a pose can decrease or increase with change in position of the body) if it does not change when squashed or massage if the pain feels more like pain in the chest, and not the back. All that says is "in favor" of a heart attack.

At least in this case, you need to get an ECG and various other cardiac tests, if the situation is not an emergency.

The digestive system

The back may pain and anguish on the part of the digestive system. For example, the symptoms of pancreatitis acute are so-called encircling pain, when it hurts, not only in the abdomen but also the back about the shoulders – as if the body in this place, tied up with a Hoop of iron. To give in under the shoulder blade and the pain that is actually associated with gallstones. Lower back pain, sometimes, gives and intestines. However, in these cases, in addition to pain, there are other symptoms – such as it is, that you can guess where it hurts really. For example, ulcer pain is always, in some way linked to the intake of food in an empty stomach or after we eat. Cholecystitis is often a bitterness in the mouth. And just as with any other disease of the digestive tract: in addition to pain, there is usually something in particular.

To clarify if the back pain is a sign of the pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, can the same methods used for the diagnosis of digestive diseases, ultrasound, gastroscopy, blood test, faeces, etc.

How to find out what happens with the spine

Back pain is a universal explanation, that many and quiet: it is osteochondrosis. In fact, it is not a disease and does not explain all the diagnosis, but simply an observation of reality: in the spine occur degenerative processes that age you can find almost any person. In reality, the pain, even if not associated with a lesion of the internal organs can be due to many reasons: it could be problems with the vertebrae, intervertebral discs, muscles, nerves, spinal cord, etc. normally the information here can give you an MRI, but all the polls to approve the study doctors do not recommend, especially without direction, trying to its own money "to see all at once." Magnetic RESONANCE imaging is performed for each of the spine – cervical, thoracic or lumbar, and exactly what you need to look at (if at all), know only a doctor.

However, it should be borne in mind that in order to clarify the cause of back pain is not always possible – sometimes the question of why it hurts, and there is no answer.

This can lead to back pain

  • Lifting and carrying heavy objects;
  • Hours of driving;
  • Uncomfortable bed;
  • Long work standing and sitting;
  • Obesity;
  • The stress and depression.

And that is the prevention:

  • Training of the muscles of the back and the abdomen;
  • A comfortable chair with lower back support;
  • The ability to adjust the seat in your car;
  • Correct lifting weights (with legs);
  • The quality of the mattress and a good pillow;
  • Normal Weight.