Why the back pain radiates to foot: causes, treatment, what to do when back pain

Many people are familiar with pain in the back or rear, left, right, and sideways. To cure back pain, you need to install the correct diagnosis, which is complicated by the presence of multiple diseases with similar symptoms: a degenerative disease in the lower part of the spine, pinching the nerves, a complication after trauma, and even an ovarian cyst. After the stress that the situation is getting worse, and then the back pain radiates to the leg, sometimes so much that it makes walking difficult.

back pain and legs


In addition to pain to the right or to the left of the back can be concerned about the General weakness in the legs, the frequent appearance of goose skin, slight numbness and cramps in the night. The stronger the suffering of the leg, where pain radiates the most.

Please keep in mind that, sometimes, pain in the lower back and legs have different origin and are not related. Inspect carefully the veins of the legs: pain may occur due to poor blood supply.

According to statistics, more susceptible to low back pain, elderly people and those who lead a sedentary life: office workers, drivers, active users of computers.

Causes of the pain syndrome.

To determine what is necessary to heal, it is necessary to consult a qualified professional. There are many diseases that is characterized by back pain, bestower in the leg, and here are some of them:


It manifests itself in a compression of spinal roots (nerves). The most common cause of this syndrome is low back pain, which is the destruction of the spine, joints and intervertebral discs the bodies vertebral. With the development of the pathology and the increase of the areas of inflammation near the spinal roots that are less sensitive to certain areas of the skin and increases the pain.

According to the neurologists, in the majority of cases, degenerative diseases of the spine are the source of low back pain.

The development of symptoms and their manifestation depends on the location of the pathology. If you have back pain and radiates to the leg, the inflammation occurs in the lumbar-sacral part of the spine is responsible for the operation and the sensitivity of the muscles of the legs.

They form a kind of cyclical process: pain arising from the muscle spasm leads to an increase in the compression of the nerve, which increases the pain.

There are several causes of the syndrome radicular in addition to osteochondrosis:

  • Injuries of the spine.
  • Herniated discs and emergencies. Appear in vbuhanie or the loss of some sections of the intervertebral discs in the region of the vertebrae.
  • The inheritance.
  • Specific of the infection, which leads to swelling. An example of this type of infection is tuberculosis of the spine and syphilis.

Sciatica (sciatica)

Not independent of the disease. Rather, it is a set of symptoms caused by degenerative changes of the spine. Because of the compression of the roots of the sciatic nerve the patient may experience pain along the entire length of the nerve: in your side, in the hips, below the knee, in tarso.

Despite the fact that the pathology develops in the lumbosacral region, the pain is concentrated at the exit of the sciatic nerve – the buttocks.

Sciatica the patient has difficulty in performing physical exercise, it is not able to focus on the leg affected, and easy to bend and squats are impossible. Also maybe a little numb sore feet that can extend to the hand.

Lumbago (lumbago)

the back pain and leg treatment

Acute low back pain radiating to the leg, occurs due to the excessive exercise, followed by a strong cooling of the body. Even minor physical efforts only make the disease worse, the patients often are not even able to move independently.

A couple of days of rest will relieve lumbago, although you can't cure it.


Accompanied by pain in the lower back, the swelling of the soft tissues near the spine and a decrease in the sensitivity of the feet. Occurs because of the cancellation of the intervertebral discs after severe injury or prolonged stress on the spine.


Strong and sharp pain that limits a person's movements and not be in the leg. Modified posture: bending forward, backward curve of the spine thoracic. Pathology is accompanied by the feeling of numbness to the right or to the left foot and a sensation of heaviness in the limbs.

And Lumbalization, sacralization

Both diseases are congenital defect:

  1. When Lumbalization the number of vertebrae is reduced due to the fact that they are fused in the lumbar region and the sacrum.
  2. When the sacralization of the number of vertebrae increases.

Pain felt in the back manifested to 20 years and are aggravated by physical effort in a defective region of the spine.

A pinched sciatic nerve

The sciatic nerve is the largest in our body since it is formed from the nerve roots of the sacral and lumbar spine.

The cause of the entrapment are the following:

  • injuries and incorrect treatment;
  • hypothermia;
  • the physical activity;
  • the progression of the spinal cord herniation and degenerative disc disease.

In the treatment of entrapment mainly eliminated the muscle spasms and pain. Medications prescribed by a doctor and includes a variety of drugs that relieve pain: anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants and others. In addition to restoring the physiotherapy and physical exercise.

Other reasons

Low back pain radiating to the leg, not always associated with lesions of the spine. Reasons for the appearance of this symptom may be:
  1. The pathology renal.
  2. Gynecological diseases in women (inflammation of the appendages, ovarian cyst).
  3. A serious infectious disease (HIV).
  4. Long-term contact with chemicals, radiation.
  5. Some surgical diseases.
  6. The abuse of alcohol and drugs.

This symptom also occurs in pregnant women, and very often.

Low back pain radiating to the leg appears in the early stages of pregnancy and often takes place only after a part.

First of all, in this case pain behind the right or the left due to the increase of the load on the spine due to the increase of the mass and the displacement of the center of gravity of the abdomen due to the development of a foetus. However, if the pain for a long time, persist even after childbirth, you should consult a doctor.

Outpatient treatment

Unfortunately, sometimes to ask for help, it is not possible. In this case, there are several ways that can alleviate the condition of the patient:

back pain and foot exercises
  • Passive rest. One of the most important points. If you are bugged back pain, which radiates to the right or to the left of the leg, it is necessary to leave any loads on the spine.
  • The power of the correction. A balanced diet will provide your body the necessary nutrients. Due to the elimination of the cell, the hunger, that will have the strength to fight the disease.
  • Massage. The main aim of the massage is to get the inflammation and muscle tension in the back and legs. Massage will help to improve the circulation of the blood, which has a positive impact on health.
  • Tepidus procedure. Heating pads, ointments and warm baths will help reduce the pain.
  • Measured load. Physiotherapy, swimming and stretching to develop the problem areas and improve circulation of the blood. Pay close attention to their sensations during exercise: you should not feel pain, and when it seems that it should reduce immediately the load.

Professional Advice

Although the effectiveness of 'in-house' methods if you have back pain and radiates to the leg, the best option is to appeal to the specialist. According to the results of full diagnosis, the doctor will identify the cause of the disease. The most effective method of fight against the disease will be an integrated approach, a combination of medication, diet, exercises and ointments will give the best result.

In addition to the doctor's recommendations to avoid hypothermia, lift heavy objects and unnecessary stress on the spine. This will not give the disease to go on to a phase of its discomfort and reduce the pain.


To avoid the development of the disease is always easier than curing it. Preventive measures will help you avoid disorders of the vertebral column and to strengthen the achieved treatment result.

To not feel the pain the pain of lower back, sufficient to comply with only two conditions:

  1. Regular exercise. Do yoga, swimming, Pilates, rather than walk or just do a morning workout. Run, step and other active sports, it's best that it be postponed because sudden movement can cause pain.
  2. Welcome chondroprotectors. This type of drug contains the same chemicals that's in the cartilage. Chondroprotectors protect intervertebral discs and slow the breakdown of cartilage.

Remember, the health of the person solely in your hands! A simple exercise, frequent checkups, the doctors and the relief of the disease in the early stages will help you never to forget the pain in the lower back. But, unfortunately, if you don't have any desire to be healed, not will help you and the best doctor.