Back pain below shoulder blades: on the left, to the right, with the two sides, causes and treatment

Because of the ignorance of the specificity of the diagnosis of diseases of the spine begins self-treatment (poultices, ointments, compresses), but often without success, only a doctor can find the cause and prescribe the treatment. Why is back pain below shoulder blades?

back pain

What could be the pain?

The blade is located close to the clavicle and the humerus, is located to the rear of the back. In essence, it is paired bone that has the shape of a triangle, that it is attached to the muscles responsible for the mobility of the shoulder girdle. Ribs and shoulder – is a framework for the muscles along the back, pain under shoulder blades is valid, you should immediately to diagnose the underlying cause and begin a course of therapy.

Type of pain under shoulder blades can be divided into several subgroups:

  • For the location of the pain (under which one of the blades, in the middle; to give the pain in the chest or between the ribs; situated under or above the shoulder of the blade);
  • The nature of sensations (pulling, burning, sharp, spasm, throbbing, give, whining, bottling, etc.);
  • The duration of pain symptoms (occurs with a frequency that begins abruptly, how long the attack increases or decreases the pain).

For accurate diagnosis and identify the cause that your doctor must gather the data and understand what could be the factor causing the pain (e.g., spinal injury), and treat the patient.

Causes of pain

Why back pain in the leaves? The main underlying causes are rooted in the pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the spine, the lungs and the heart. An important factor is the psychological state of the patient, and the injury.

As a general rule, if a patient has acute pain, then, the reasons are found in acute inflammation, the tissue or the muscle (for example, in the fall). If pain persistent symptoms, and not very strong, so that the causes of pain are found in chronic diseases of the patient. The overwhelming nature of the pain, symptoms frequent companion of a heart attack or problems with the bladder.

The reasons for which the back pain under the shoulder blades associated with abnormalities of the vertebral column occupy a prominent place among other factors. Because the spine has all the weight of the human body, thanks to him a man walks in a vertical position, not on four legs, like animals.

If the back muscles are loosened, the person moves a little, the problem starts with the spine.


If the muscles of the back and chest of the corset of the atrophy, and the person moves a little, the column loses its role in the maintenance of the organism, since it is accompanied by pain. The vertebrae put pressure on the discs between them, not letting the core discs to fill with fluid. The disks begin to sink, bulges, gaps appear. This causes unnecessary irritation of the nerve roots, the vertebral column loses its elasticity and develops low back pain. The body in its sole discretion, strengthens the spine, strengthen your bone growth.

The spine loses mobility and aches in the back, under the shoulder blade to the right and to the left. The usual symptoms are pain located on the side where the pinched nerves.

Osteochondrosis in the neck begins with pain in the neck, the area with insufficient blood supply to the numb, the pain starts in the back below the shoulders. Often the pain is localized to the left side. Osteochondrosis in the spine thoracic begins with pain in the back, under the shoulder blades. The pain experienced in the sternum. The patient complains of a feeling of heaviness in the chest when breathing. The pain caused from osteochondrosis of the thoracic, is often given to heart.

Back pain cause and other reasons, it is often the osteochondrosis of a loin. Recognize the impact of pain in the legs like an electric shock, and discomfort with the progression of osteoarthritis is moved to the left shoulder of the blade. And with a long body posture, without changing position, most when the patient is sitting at the waist covers girdle pain. Causes of pain just below the shoulder blades associated with abnormalities of the spine, are recognized by the doctor with complaints about the growing pain symptoms with movement.

Diseases of internal organs

Often the pain caused by diseases of the heart. In the belly under the shoulder blade may myocardial infarction, and his partner and pressing sensation in the region of the heart. If the pain persists during exercise or training, and with a deep breath, the patient must be hospitalized immediately to the hospital. Another vague symptom of pain associated with a myocardial infarction serve pain under left shoulder blade radiating to neck, jaw or left arm left.

Causes of pain in the back below the shoulder blades can be found in problems with the gastrointestinal tract. In the first place, is an ulcer of the stomach.

With the progression of the disease of the membrane mucosa of the body is exposed to destruction by the acid, resulting in nerve irritation of the diaphragm and start the attacks of pain under the shoulder blade. They are periodic in nature, increasing after a meal or when fasting. The pain disappears after vomiting attack, and applying warm compresses. The patient is not sick and vomits when she reaches the top of the pain.

Another striking symptom is the eructation, severe heartburn. Pain far from the leaves, starts to give in the region of the heart. The total destruction of the walls of the stomach, the patient complains of give pain in the shoulder or collarbone, sweating, pale. Often the cause of pain in the back of the back caused by problems with the lungs, for example, the disease of the lungs. If it hurts the right lung, localized pain under the right shoulder blade. The patient coughs, the lungs wheezing, dyspnoea.


Psychological problems of the man can also cause pain under the shoulder blade. When people experience chronic stress, the tension transmitted to the muscles of the back and the patient becomes difficult to put a lot of time or sit because of pain pain. Often these reasons are chasing people with a sedentary lifestyle, high levels of stress and aggression (managers, agents, sales consultants, managers).


Can cause pain and the trauma of the bone as a result of a fall or blow. Often the cause damage to the leaves due to the elbow or falling on a straight arm. The pain symptoms that manifest themselves in the movements of the hands, and the area of the leaf red and swollen. There is inflammation of the synovial bags, then the movement of the leaves to feel a crisis, and the patient experiences in this area, heaviness and pain.

Another factor that precedes the pain – osteomyelitis. It is manifested in purulent inflammation of tissues, pain, intoxication. Occurs due to an injury or stab. Less likely to cause pain become tumors cancerous in this region, that affect the tissues around the scapula.


As the previous factors to the syndrome of pain, a lot of diagnosis to identify the causes of the pathology of a complex procedure. The diagnosis is complex, using several different methods. In the first phase, the doctor listens carefully to the patient for the presence of complaints and manufactures its rating. Second stage: palpation of the area painful of the spine, orthopedic tests to identify the symptoms.

If the doctor is ready to make a diagnosis, direct the patient to the physician with a more narrow profile (cardiologist, oncologist, orthopedic).

Depending on various factors produce an x-ray of the chest or spine, MRI, ECG is removed, the heart is examined with ultrasound. If the factors causing the pain is in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the patient is instructed to go through fibrogastroduodenoscopy. If there is pathology of the respiratory system, the doctor performed the bronchoscopy. In addition, the patient receives a number of tests: urine, feces, blood, etc.


new treatment

If the patient follows a sharp pain that is impossible to endure, the medical staff focuses on the relief of symptoms of pain. The patient was prescribed medications, relieves inflammation and relieves pain in the form of injections, ointments, tablets.

The main task of the doctor to cure what causes the disease, not the result. The treatment prescribed by a specialist after all the tests and analyses. Remember that the pain protracted nature, regardless of the location and the nature will not disappear, that should be treated until it is complicated by inflammation.

If the cause are the diseases of the apparatus of the musculoskeletal, treatment with a course of massage or the therapy manual and supplemented with electrophoresis. In exceptional cases, patients, surgical intervention with a course of anti-inflammatory drugs or antibiotics.

If the back pain from myositis or problems with the bass tone again, it is enough to do exercises at home to warm the muscles ointments, tinctures grind. Other problems and the disease are treated only by a doctor that recommended the treatment in accordance with the cause of the disease. Let's not forget the advice of a doctor before any type of back pain, as it can be the consequence of chronic or acute diseases that should be treated immediately.