Why lower back pain during pregnancy?

If a back pain during pregnancy, the reasons are not always associated with pathology. Pregnancy is a natural state of the female body. And back pain during this period because the body is "reconstructed", as a preparation for the changes that take place.

Causes of pain

Begins to experience back pain during pregnancy in different gestational ages. It is believed that in the first half of pregnancy, the body is not subjected to the increased loads. This is not true. About 30% of the women come with complaints of back pain, even in the first quarter. However, the majority of women back pain during pregnancy disturbed closer to the twentieth week. Often it is not easy to answer why back pain during pregnancy. Back pain in pregnant women is sometimes the direct result of causes, obstetric, and can be independent of the disease. Obstetric causes of back pain that occur due to normal or pathological course of pregnancy.



Can hurt the lower back in a normal pregnancy? Yes, and this is the most common reason why pull back at pregnant. In many cases, the pregnancy leads to the fact that pregnant women ' back pain. The cause of the pain turns into a rapid increase of the uterus, and the tension of its ligaments. These feelings are as common as they are seen as another indication that the woman was pregnant.

  • Hormones and metabolic processes

In the waiting period, the child the woman have to deal with the sudden change in hormonal levels. It increases the production of estrogen, progesterone, and other hormones are responsible for the appropriate course of pregnancy. Reason for low back pain, relax. This hormone helps the ligaments and tendons become more elastic, softens. Relax is necessary in order to subsequently facilitate the emergence of the baby.

Necessary for the formation of the fruit elements are taken from the mother's body. Therefore, when there is insufficient replacement "of the actions" of the bone, women can receive essential vitamins and minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus. As a result, there is a weakening of the pelvic bones and the spine that can cause back pain in pregnant women.

  • The increased pressure in the pelvis and the spine

The more "safe", which is why pregnant women have back pain is the growth of the fetus. The baby grows, increased pressure on the sacrum of the mother, which leads to pain in the lumbar region. Also, is the physiological reason of why back pain is the weight gain that leads to an increase of the pressure at the bottom of the back. The center of gravity changes, there is a deviation in the lumbar region of the spine. Muscles get excess load leads to the appearance of pain.

The appearance of low back pain in pregnant women often results in a long date. Uterus puts pressure on nerves and blood vessels that surround the spine. This hurts below the waist, from the third quarter. Give pain in the legs, worse during the year.

In the later stages of pregnancy back pain can occur as a result of the pressure of the fetal head on the pelvic bone. This is accompanied by the appearance of a high tone of the uterus. Then, pain around 38 weeks. If a back pain during pregnancy for this reason, do not worry. These feelings – a phenomenon that is completely natural.

  • Fight

A couple of weeks before childbirth expectant mother may feel contractions Braxton-hicks. Braxton hicks contractions prepare the body for subsequent delivery. In this case, in addition to the pain, radiation to the lumbar region, there is a feeling of "solid" of the uterus, difficult to breathe, there are nagging pains in the abdomen. Then these symptoms disappear. And after a short time in the stomach and back begin to hurt again. These feelings are normal, but that still require attention. Sometimes they are hard to distinguish from the real delivery started. If contractions be frequent, that is repeated in equal intervals of time, accompanied by a discharge treatment genital should not delay the trip to the hospital.



If during the pregnancy the back pain accompanied by discharge and cramping pain in the uterus, such as doctors seen as the threat of spontaneous abortion or premature birth.

It is urgent to see a gynecologist. In some cases, strip the lower part of the back during pregnancy due to the aggravation of the diseases or the emergence of new diseases. Pregnancy is accompanied by the natural immune suppression. This mechanism is necessary to prevent rejection of the fetus by the body as a mother as a component of foreign origin. The result is the vulnerability of women at this time. It happens that the woman does not even know about pathologies that exist, have not yet become pregnant. During pregnancy the low back pain may indicate a very serious disease. And if the gynecologist to rule out causes of obstetric distress, you have to visit other doctors, that is to say, a neurologist, a urologist or nephrologist and surgeon.

  • Kidney disease

The kidney disease are the reason why pregnancy lower back pain. Hormonal changes the tone of the ureters, there is a stagnation of urine leading to the development of processes infectious. Common complication of pregnancy is pyelonephritis. Occur pain pain on one side of the back, frequent urination, cramps, the temperature increases up to high values. The urine generally becomes cloudy.

If back pain during pregnancy is expressed clearly, it is difficult to find a position in which the pain decreases, preventing the flow of urine, a mixture of blood, perhaps that of renal colic. These symptoms are an indication for immediate hospitalization.

Diagnose the physician based on ultrasound and laboratory blood and urine tests. The treatment with antibiotics, antispasmodic and analgesic drugs and is mandatory. The disease can lead to serious consequences including renal failure.

  • Pancreatitis

In rare cases, a pregnant woman may face in the inflammation of the pancreas. This can happen if the failure during the pregnancy of the diet, the consumption of foods with much fat, the alcohol is a hereditary factor or a consequence of stress. If back pain during pregnancy is that surrounds the character, occurs after or during a meal, accompanied by fever, nausea or vomiting, disorders of the chair, the doctor makes a diagnosis of "pancreatitis".

The disease is diagnosed by ultrasound, magnetic RESONANCE imaging, treated in conditions stationary. Drug therapy for back pain during pregnancy is carried out using a number of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. Occasionally, in case of failure of conservative treatment, there is a need for surgical intervention.

  • Neuroscience

Often back pain during pregnancy because of the exacerbation of the existing problems of the musculoskeletal system. If a woman before pregnancy was tormented by osteochondrosis or sciatica, the change in the load will lead to discord. Source of problems is not enough developed muscular system of the back or curvature of the spine. This diagnosis indicates the occurrence of severe back pain during pregnancy in the second trimester or later.

Neurological problems pain are traits of character, is reduced in the lying position and increases with the load, which can be a feeling of numbness.

It is very dangerous to self-medicate. Because most of the drugs used in these cases is contraindicated in pregnancy. In exceptional cases, the doctor may prescribe a pain medication. If a back pain during pregnancy because associated with neurological problems, the easiest solution is to with the support. The corset will provide support to the musculoskeletal system, without having a negative effect on the development of the children.

  • Myositis

Find the currents of air or hypothermia can lead to an inflammatory process in the muscles of the lower back. Then, the pain is characterized by sharp and with limited movements. In addition to the back, it can hurt the neck and the shoulder girdle. The treatment must be a doctor who can prescribe drugs, as safe for the baby.

  • Semisupine

At low location of pain in the back and the abdomen, may be suspected symphysis. The disease shows a changed the gears, which acquires the character "duck". Because of the divergence of the pubic bone, is inherited. If the reason for the back pain during pregnancy, Semisupine, the doctor recommends rest and will be monitored throughout the pregnancy.

  • Spondylolisthesis

If a history of spinal cord injury or congenital anomalies of development of the arches vertebral, the increased load can cause pain in the low back during pregnancy. The vertebrae can move relative to the other, and that will be the momentum of a strong pain in the lower back.

This pain can be distinguished from the increase of the posture sitting, when the process of lifting heavy objects, when you change the position of the body. The pain may radiate to the legs. The deformity of the spine can be visually observed. The muscles that surround the spine of the side, they are in a stressed state. Develops special walk "tightrope". If the cause of spondylolisthesis in low back pain during pregnancy, this disease is treated with medications, physiotherapy, gymnastics therapeutic.



If a back pain during pregnancy, it is important to remember one thing: never to participate in self-diagnosis and self-treatment. The first thing is to do a pregnant woman, who was shot in the lower back during pregnancy is in contact with the specialist. The doctor will also help to prevent back pain during pregnancy recommends:

  • Stop the use of shoes with high heels;
  • Monitor gradual weight gain;
  • Lead a moderately active lifestyle;
  • Do not overexert, to avoid excess load on the spine;
  • Do special gymnastics;
  • Control of posture;
  • To sleep select anatomic mattress and a small pillow;
  • Learn the correct lifting of objects (that must bend the knees and produce a forward bend);
  • Ensure an adequate nutrition and with a high content of calcium and phosphorus.

If pregnant, back pain, that's no reason to panic. However, it is necessary to exclude possible pathological processes, as well as get recommendations on how to eliminate the discomfort. If back pain during pregnancy what to do to advise to a doctor.