Back pain in shoulder blades: causes and treatment

Constant back pain between the shoulder blades accompanied by destructive changes of the tissues of the spine. It can be osteochondrosis of the thoracic, curvature of the spine, protrusion and herniated disc, muscle tension. Not infrequently the pain in the back, below the shoulders are a symptom of neuralgia intercostal, sports injuries in the form of sprain of the muscles of the back.

But it is necessary to exercise caution in the differential diagnosis of the underlying condition. Sometimes searing, sudden pain may indicate a stroke. It is charged with the development of myocardial infarction, which is a life threatening condition. So if you have back pain below the left shoulder blade, then try taking the tablet under the tongue nitroglycerin. If the pain disappears in 5 minutes, then you should consult immediately to a cardiologist to exclude angina and acute coronary disease.

pain under shoulder blades

Next, we will inform you of the main disorders that can cause discomfort in the back in the leaves. Also, you will be given recommendations for the treatment of the possible pathologies of cartilage and bone tissue, muscles and tendons.

If there is pain in the back between the shoulder blades

In this case, if the pain in the back between the shoulder blades that had for the first time, and I don't know exactly the cause of this condition, you should consult a doctor. A doctor must prescribe electrocardiography, which will be excluded ischemia of the heart muscle and stroke. Then, to clarify the etiology of the pain syndrome can be assigned x-ray images of the spine and an orthopedic specialist, internist, neurologist.

Can be diagnosed with thoracic degenerative disc disease. In this case, you will have to help the complex of special physical exercises, acupuncture, osteopathy and therapeutic massage. Remember that the traditional medicine today has in its Arsenal of effective treatments for degenerative disc disease and associated pathologies.

Back pain below the shoulder blades

There are a number of reasons for the back pain, between the shoulder blades. Sometimes unpleasant sensations are localized not only in the centre, but also mixed in the vertical and the horizontal plane. In particular, we consider the question of why there is pain in the back, below the shoulders. Most often it is the already known lower back. But sometimes there are more unusual cases. Among them worth noting is the curvature of the spine, which can manifest in the form of scoliosis of the spine thoracic, or other forms of stoop.

Any form of violation of posture physiological should go for a diagnosis in the early stages. This is especially true for school-age children. Because of the constant tension, it is much more likely formed curvature of the spine. To express this condition can systematic that occurs after exercise pain in the lower part of the back or between the shoulder blades.

Treatment of scoliosis and other posture is the technique of osteopathy, and other effects, with the aim of establishing the correct position of the vertebrae. Then, it uses the methods of physical culture in combination with the therapeutic massage. These activities are aimed at proper development of the muscular frame that supports the spine in physiological position. In difficult cases, is shown to wear corset orthopedic.

Why back pain under left shoulder blade?

As mentioned above, if you have back pain below the left shoulder blade, you must immediately exclude the possibility of the development of the angina pectoris attack and to diagnose ischemic heart disease. Usually, this pathology is accompanied by other characteristic symptoms. Are fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath when doing any physical work, a small inflammation of the face and ankles.

causes of pain in the shoulder blades

Another reason why back pain under left shoulder blade, lies in the development of the hernias of the intervertebral disc. It is quite common for the location of the protrusion and prolapse of the annulus of representatives of some professions. Basically, the group of risk includes people who in their occupations, have a lot of time to spend in a position that is unnatural, such as sitting at a computer or driving a large motor transport. Also a hernia of the spine thoracic workers affected by physical labor, that the active participation of the upper part of the body.

For the treatment of this disease, you can use a special traction, therapeutic massage, reflexology, physiotherapy, manual exposure and more. Medical treatments for a herniated disc today, does not exist. Surgical intervention yields positive results in only 40% of the cases. The rest of patients have repeated relapses after 12 - 24 months after surgery.

Why hurt the back muscles under the shoulder blades?

The majority of the patients of the muscles of the back between the shoulders of the people who are engaged in power sports. You can stretch the tendon apparatus, injuries or overexertion during the training process. Those patients that do not have in the regular practice of physical exercise, back muscles, gradually loses its capacity contractile. Increases the risk of injury, even if slight physical exertion, for example, when lifting weights.

If the pain of the muscles of the back, between the shoulder blades, that should exclude about the pain in the heart. This is followed by a differential diagnosis in which the doctor must identify the cause that causes discomfort in the patient. In the subsequent treatment is the impact on the cause of the pathological state. For fast relief of acute pain, we may recommend a single dose of anti-inflammatory medication without steroids.

We also offer help with neuralgia intercostal, which manifests itself as pain in the back, below the shoulders. In this case, the palpation of the spaces intercostal, so sudden and painful. The patient may experience increased pain when attempting a strong deep breath. In this case, we recommend the therapeutic massage, foot reflexology, technique effects on bone and some other type of manual manipulation. Usually the condition of the patients improved so much after the first session.

Back pain between shoulder blades treatment

If back pain between the shoulders, the treatment should begin only after diagnosis. To this effect a series of studies special. By the standards of modern medicine is assigned to the ECG, heart ultrasound, fluoroscopy, x-ray of the spine and thorax tomography in cases of conflict.

There are traditional methods of treatment of diseases of the spine. Its main objective - the removal of negative symptoms, since the effect to the cause of back pain in these cases, the traditional medicine is not available. There is no medication that would quickly and effectively restore the cartilage of the intervertebral discs of the spine.

new treatment

What to do in this case, the patients? To pay attention to other methods of treatment of back pain, between the shoulder blades. They allow you to quickly and effectively treat not only osteoarthritis, but also to restore the posture physiological, to achieve the regression of the herniated discs. We are talking about chiropractic, the main activities aimed at the restoration of tissues, physiological ways. Physical culture and massage to strengthen the muscular frame, which has the vertebral column. If the infringement of nerve tissue, is applied to the spine traction. With the help of acupuncture and osteopathy run regenerative processes in order to ensure the rapid recovery and restoration of the loss of health.