Lower back pain on the left: causes, treatment

There is probably no such person in the world that at least once in my life felt pain in the back and the lumbar region. According to medical statistics, complaints on pain in the back to take the second place after respiratory viral infections in the world. Back pain can be caused by many factors: in some, these manifestations are associated with disorders congenital, others are the result of any disease or injury. In any case, a person who is not self-medicate, as this can lead to degradation and the development of serious complications.

Normally, low back pain, left more frequent in the older or the age of retirement, however, in recent years, this disease has a tendency to rejuvenation, it is now rare to find young patients with complaints of back pain. What causes back pain? Consider these factors in more detail.

back pain

Causes of lower back pain on the left

The main reasons for lower back pain, to the left are:

  • muscle disease;
  • inflammatory diseases of organs of small pelvis and retroperitoneal space;
  • inflammation of spinal roots;
  • lesions of the lumbar region;
  • the curvature of the spine;
  • posture;
  • pregnancy.

The clinical picture

Pain in the lumbar region of the left can be of different nature and origin. The clinical picture depends to a large part of the cause of the pain. In inflammatory diseases of the kidney pain can bring dull or sore in nature, disturb the patient constantly or occasionally. Kidney disease nature acute pain becomes paroxysmal in nature radiating to the perineum, and organs of the urinary tract.

Pain in the lumbar region to the left may indicate inflammation of the ovaries in women, or be the first symptom of developing an ectopic pregnancy. In the latter case, the pain will intensify and radiate to the genital area, anus, perineum.

When the inflammation of the nerve roots of the spinal cord lumbar back pain on the left can arise from time to time, under the influence of certain factors:

  • hypothermia;
  • the abrupt change in position of the body;
  • weight lifting;
  • stress.
symptoms of pain

As a general rule, the patient feels a strong pain in the lumbar region of character traits, sometimes even the patient can not straighten out, so it has a forced position of the body.

Pain from the lumbar region to the left can occur in pregnant women, with the increase of gestational age and the growth of the stomach. The growing uterus displaces the internal organs and increases the load on the lumbar region of the spine, from which a woman can harass a persistent and pain pain in the back. Important: if the pain is sporadic and radiating to the sacrum and the perineum, it is necessary to address to the gynecologist, as these symptoms can signal about the threat of miscarriage or premature birth.

Diagnosis of low back pain on the left

In order to decide how to treat back pain, to the left, the expert must accurately identify the cause of the pain, the patient is assigned to a comprehensive examination of the body, including:

  • urine (total sample) allow us to identify the diseases of organs urinary;
  • blood tests (General biochemistry);
  • ultrasound of the pelvis, organs and space retroperitoneal;
  • urography with contrast;
  • the cystoscope;
  • the x-rays;
  • The MRI and CT;
  • consultation narrow specialists – orthopedist, neurologist, surgeon.


Treatment of low back pain on the left largely depends on their causes:

the causes of back pain
  • The detection of the inflammatory process gynaecological to women shows the supervision of a gynecologist and antibiotic therapy. The drug is administered after the differentiation of the pathogen.
  • The detection of pyelonephritis and other inflammatory diseases of the organs of mochevyvodjashie patient is prescribed a course of antibiotics, excessive consumption, in some cases, diuretics, multivitamin complex. The patient should follow a diet with restriction of salt and spices.
  • When the back pain in pregnant women is necessary to exclude from the beginning of the labour, and to regulate the mode of work and rest. To reduce the load on the lumbar region of the spine it is recommended to wear a special bandage to put under the bottom of the back pad or cushion.
  • When identifying sciatica or aggravation of degenerative disc disease shows the treatment of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and rest until stihaniya acute process. The patient is recommended not to lift heavy things and SuperCool.

With the subsiding of acute inflammatory process in the back pain and sciatica is prescribed massage, exercise therapy and manual therapies.

It is important to understand that back pain left side can signal serious internal diseases requiring medical attention immediate, so self-medication is strictly prohibited! To apply the recipes of traditional medicine for pain in the low back, it is possible, but only after diagnosis by a specialist and the doctor.