The crushing set of measures to deal with the back pain!

Thousands of years ago, when the monkeys came down from the tree, the man of the spine was the first to try a load vertically. This led to the fact that there are pre-conditions for their ailments. In the modern age of high technology, forced position at work and, in General, sedentary lifestyles are increasingly the question arises: – what to do in case of back pain? The answers to this question can be heard a lot, but only a set of good therapeutic and preventive measures will help you to forget your back pain.

very bad back pain, what to do

Like any disease, back pain requires the right approach to determine the causes. Typically, these pain associated with the spinal pathology. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a neurologist and a radiology research, the best of them will be MSCT or MRI. Instrumental studies will help to determine the level of spinal lesions, and to detect the presence of the indications of surgical treatment.

Drug therapy to relieve the pain

What to do for back pain? The most rapid effect is obtained on the basis of drug therapy. Standard treatment includes:

  • Medication that relaxes the muscles
  • Anti-inflammatory painkillers
  • Vitamin therapy
  • Chondroprotectors

Drugs, allowing to remove a muscle spasm that must be used in the first hours of acute-onset pain. The relaxation of muscle tension allows you to quickly remove the result of the compression of the cord and roots, eliminate cramps of the muscles. This leads to a strong reduction of the pain. Also relieve muscle spasm is the most important step in the treatment of the disease spinal.

Anti-inflammatory drugs will quickly relieve the pain and swelling, if the back pain. Can be used in injections and tablets as well as externally in the form of ointment or gel. The vitamin. Strengthens and protects the nerve fiber from harmful external influences.

Vitamins of group "b" has the ability to improve the conduct nerve impulses, which helps to eliminate many negative phenomena, in addition to pain.

Chondroprotectors – preparation comprising of chondroitins and glucosamine — those substances that exist in the healthy cartilage of the intervertebral joints and discs. The inflammatory process noted the lack of them.

Important! All the medications should be taken only as directed by your doctor. Otherwise, we can expect the development of complications, which is higher than the necessary dose and other nasty things.
much back pain

Non-drug ways to cope with the disease

Unfortunately, drug therapy of pain are not always available. In the presence of Allergy, intolerance, severe diseases, concomitant, the pregnancy, the use of many drugs is impossible. And it was the pregnancy or diseases, concomitant often cause the development of pain. What should you do if you really bad back, and the drugs are contraindicated? This will help drug-free methods:

  1. Massage. The massage is one of the safest medical procedures. The only contraindication absolute is the cancer in the patient. Massage can relieve muscle spasm, reflex to reduce the pain and improve the blood flow to all tissues. This will have a positive impact on health in General.
  2. The physiotherapy is also a safe treatment. The effects of electric currents, the magnetic fields, the subcutaneous administration of anesthesia that allows you to obtain remarkable results. Muscle spasm to reduce the pain in the back, are for a very short time to strengthen weak muscles and nutrition of tissues is significantly improved.
    However, before carrying out the procedures necessary to consult a doctor / physiotherapist to identify the most appropriate method of treatment and identify possible contraindications (allergic reactions, oncopathology, thyroid disease, etc.).
  3. Manual physiotherapy and acupuncture. These methods are similar in effect to massage, but operate on a more subtle level of interconnection of reflexes.

Slight pain, displacement or stretching of the muscles reflexively triggers a series of responses. The result is a reduction or elimination of pain, restoration of sensation. It is also one of the ways to keep the body in good shape, if you have back pain. However, to trust that this procedure is only for professionals. In addition to the above methods of therapeutic effects, there are other totally safe and very effective method of control and prevention– physiotherapy.

Physical exercises to combat the pain and prevention

The ancient Greeks said – the movement of life. The occupation of physical therapy in any case does not exclude the performance of other measures of rehabilitation. However, the years of pain in the back, can be a means of first aid, do not have access to other ways. This is because of the increased blood flow to the areas that are inflamed, which contributes to more rapid excretion of toxic substances in the inflammation that causes the pain. Here are the examples of some exercises:

  • Exercise the cat. Foot four, prognut bow down as much as possible, then, to maintain this position for a few seconds. Repeat 3 or 4 times. This load when the back pain is especially effective for the chest and the waist.
  • Foot, lock hands behind the back, the ascension, with a hand, the wrist of the other hand, then push them back in the lumbar region. Exercise relaxes the tension on back muscles — mainly the thoracic and the transfer of the load on the muscles of the arms.
  • Sitting in a chair, tilt the head down as much as possible, slowly and with great care. Try to reach your chin to the chest. If it was touching or pain does not allow it, slowly pull the head to its original position and a bit ago. Repeat a couple of times. Effective exercise takes the load of the muscles of the neck.
very back pain treatment

Performed daily, these exercises you sick and lower back. Executing them should not be afraid to measure the pain. This is only an evidence that the strain of weakness and areas inflamed. If you have a weakness of the muscles of the back (especially for people leading a sedentary lifestyle), the physiotherapy will help to strengthen muscles and reduce the load on the spine.

Ideal activity, which includes a work almost all the muscles of the body, is swimming. Also, the reduction complex can include a contrast shower and cold water, that the reflex effect on the whole body.

It is important to know that the load is when the back pain will be effective only in the case of the normal and proper execution. Exercises to learn better to do it under the supervision of a doctor-specialist of physical therapy. Then, it can be performed independently at home. Remember — the health of your back depends on You.