Why back pain under the ribs?

Vague pain in ribs and back is capable of interrupting anyone. The pain is not a cause for panic, but an opportunity to understand the diseases. Pain is a signal that you need to take some action. In typical cases, the pain in the ribs and it is true reasons.

causes of pain in back and ribs

Group of diseases in which under the rib cage

There are several basic diseases:

  • Gastrointestinal diseases – pancreatitis or inflammation of the pancreas, cholecystitis, diseases of the spleen;
  • Injuries bruises and rib fractures, rupture of the spleen;
  • Diseases of the respiratory system – pleurisy, pneumonia;
  • Stones in the kidney, especially renal colic;
  • Low back pain and herniated discs;
  • Diseases of the peripheral nerves – neuralgia intercostal, and autonomic disorders, where the pain is wandering through the surface of the back.

Do not try to find out the cause of their own, as a minimum, examination of the back in the back of 2-3 hours.

Pain in the digestive disorders are always associated with an error in diet, and exacerbation of chronic diseases and led to the offseason. Classic time the pain associated with cholecystitis – after 2-4 hours after a large meal, when the composition of the bolus needed enzymes and digestive juices.

Pain in the back with pancreatitis is very strong, "dagger", more in the left ribs, an attack can last up to two days. Causes discomfort fatty food, especially in combination with alcohol.

Pain in ribs and back when the stretch of the capsule of the spleen, in diseases of the blood, chronic, indolent infections, sepsis, autoimmune processes. This type of pain in the rib area with the food they have almost nothing in common.

Injury in which the back pain

The threat is of injury of the spleen and the liver, their tears. These organs – parenchymatous, composed of an actively functioning tissue, which is limited to the capsule.

Parenchyma – the main fabric body of the same function. Therefore, the liver parenchyma consists of hepatocytes.

The structure of this tissue is soft, there are very few support elements. To resist the mechanical stress parenchyma can not. When you break the capsule cage "out of regulation". As it breaks the threat of a massive loss of blood, because the blood vessels in the parenchyma literally everywhere.

If any incident or injury in the rib area of the person is required to send to the hospital and be discharged therefrom only when not detected no signs of internal bleeding.

Threat also bruise of the space retroperitoneal, in which the back hurts the back. This happens when the trauma of the kidneys and adrenal glands, and the duodenum 12. To do not only with the pain under the ribs in the back, from behind, but sudden weakness, accompanied by a fall in blood pressure.

In comparison with the rupture of the liver or the spleen, broken ribs – much less risk. It is only necessary to ensure that the piece punctured in the pleural cavity.

The pleura and kidneys

Pain in the back and the ribs can be dry pleurisy when the pleural layers to RUB against each other. This is possible in case of advanced tuberculous process, cancer processes in the lung. This pain increases with any movement, coughing or sneezing. Also troubling shortness of breath, and in the nasolabial triangle that appears in the color blue.

If any pain in the chest or back it is advisable to perform an ECG to exclude myocardial infarction.

Resciesa pain in the back and the ribs is at the discharge of substances from the urinary tract. Especially difficult waste urate – stones consisting of potassium and sodium salts of uric acid. In appearance they resemble the beans. They are an awesome size, very dense. The ureter must be fully extended to pass this stone.

new treatment

The oxalate is less dense small, easy to collapse, but hurts on the way to the inside of the urinary tract, necessarily, causing the inflammation.

Neurological Causes

This is a variety of the infringement of the nerve roots emerging from the spinal cord. The spine can be damaged by the hernia, in order to have difficulties into the bone canal, muscle, a fragment of vertebra, ligament, the arch of the vertebra. Pain in the back and ribs are very strong, sometimes it is impossible even to breathe.

A lot of problems – neuralgia intercostal, when burning pain pervades every breath, sore across your back and chest. This disease is a complication of the degenerative processes of the spine and not only. Contribute to the development of metabolic disorders, the carrier of the virus, endocrine diseases and disorders of the heart rhythm or myocardial contractility, when tissues do not receive enough nutrition and oxygen.

Clear is the mechanism for the development of autonomic disorders, in which the wavelike change of physiological parameters (respiratory rate, heart rate, and blood pressure), all accompanied by a migration of pain in the back and the ribs.