If the back pain does not happen

99% of the causes of back pain - a violation of the provisions of the vertebrae and, as a result, a pinched nerve - hence the pain. If you do not want to go to the doctor, you can try it, of course, be careful. One of the true folk remedies for the treatment of spine - stretching. In the morning after waking up to do regular stretching is arms and stretches. Drag with care, in the beginning the pain stop. So first drag is minimal. This type of stretching not only this morning but throughout the day you have time. In parallel, you can perform a song, but not how to do it in the bar. Hang the hands up on some ledge, for example, the Cabinet, and slowly podhisita knees, the spine is stretched.Drag also to the first discomfort. And again. Lie on the floor face up, arms at their sides, palms of the hands on the ground. Then begin to lift the legs as high as possible, reach, and also the slightest pain. In General, for each year, calculate the maximum speed of stretching,after which the pain begins. Make every day, often, should help.Stretching straightens the vertebrae, gradually put in place,to reduce the density of the compression of the vertebrae between them, straighten your posture.

back pain

I also have back pain from childhood. I'm not surprised:-cerebral palsy walking with the wheelchair, the cane and, therefore, the load on the spine is enormous. But there is a:

  1. massage - you can do as a professional or relative (only extends to the circulation of improvement.
  2. Very often, back pain comes if a vertebra or disc - they need to fix and the pain will pass.When editing a chiropractor or podiatrist.
  3. Hot tub - relieves fatigue; dispersion of salt (if the salt is deposited in the neck or back, it is terrible);
  4. In a bathroom (or before) you can add a little sea salt (I went with the needles) - the effect is even better.
  5. Warm paraffin helps a lot.

And purely from me to You Council, do not have the money and buy body massager. I got mad and buy a back ache and legs ache in the winter - not sleep. This massager vibration makes the massage and improves circulation of the blood; if something is postponed - the unit; very relaxing and relieves pain.In the practical work.

The causes of back pain can be many,therefore, in any case, do not self-medicate!Sometimes,a lower back pain.the man struck of sciatica,and indeed, the problems of kidney or woman. I also suffer from acute back pain,how many times a neurologist was until he was advised to do ultrasound of internal organs. And what do you think? The cause of the pain turned out to be a huge stone in the gallbladder.After that(the bubble) removed,the pain disappeared like magic. so go to the doctor and be studied carefully.

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I think that back pain is familiar to everyone. The reasons for its appearance are many. This load on the back, awkward posture, and so on, But it is not serious. This type of pain disappear with time. So, if the pain does not happen for a long time and, moreover, in constant growth, then you should immediately contact the doctor. Only he can know the cause and, therefore, prescribe the most appropriate treatment. For the relief of pain folk remedy may be considered a back massage. We recommend. Sure.

back pain can occur due to many reasons. maybe you've been in suspense or not to work and not be bent. maybe start with the sciatica. if these pains are not frequent, will help you massage. ask someone in the family, you'll feel better. or at least lie down on a flat firm surface. if the pain is always not to pass any remedies! immediately go to the hospital for an appointment.

Back pain #8212; what to do?

If you affected by constant back pain, and even calm back pain, what to do? Definitely need to go to the hospital. We should not look for excuses that are not available at this time. Otherwise after some time you will have to drive there in an ambulance.

And do not expect instant healing. Because the back pain did not appear immediately, that have caused some congestion, health problems. Therefore, in the majority of cases you will need comprehensive long-term treatment.

Back pain: causes

According to medical statistics, back pain is felt in about 90 percent of people under 30 years of age. The most common cause of back pain component of 80 percent of all cases – muscle weakness. This leads to a number of diseases. Consider the main causes of these pains.

  1. A common cause of back pain are disease of the lumbar spine .
  2. The same pain can lead to various diseases of organs. located in the abdominal cavity .
  3. Can also cause pain abnormal biochemical changes in the body.
  4. Often various infections and inflammatory processes cause similar pain syndromes.
  5. No less common causes of back pain – various injuries, sprain .
  6. The doctors are also known causes of pain, some psychological factors .
  7. We often have back pain during pregnancy, especially in the later stages.
the causes of back pain

In each of these cases, it is possible to assign a large amount of options that causes the pain. For example, an injury, a sprain can cause:

  • overexertion of the muscles of the back;
  • muscle strain;
  • sudden movement, causing concussion of the spine;
  • the appearance of cracks in the vertebrae and much more.

Back pain, between the shoulder blades

Very difficult to establish a precise diagnosis if you have pain between the shoulder blades. For example, the cause may be osteoarthritis, a very common today the disease. Also the pain may be from stretching of the muscles, ligaments, tendons. How to find out the cause of the pain? These are some of the symptoms .

  1. If you feel a burning sensation, heaviness between the shoulder blades, and after wiggling shoulders the pain disappears, we can talk of muscle pain .
  2. When the pain is felt between the shoulder blades and gives the heart, the cause may be it is the heart or disease of the spine thoracic .
  3. If the pain is full and long pass, because of the lack of sensitivity, the causes may be in the tendons .


This is one of the most popular today diagnoses, associated in most cases with the modern lifestyle. Many patients are not even trying to tackle this problem. And this approach is wrong.

Osteochondrosis gradually deform the tissue, vertebrae, thin, leads to the delamination. This causes severe pain and consequences.

Low back pain can be lumbar, thoracic and cervical. Here the first signs of osteochondrosis:

  • the fatigue of the back;
  • numbness of the feet with a long seat;
  • frequent and prolonged headaches,
  • pain in the lumbar region, neck and other parts of the spine.

Ointments and injections back pain

How to treat back pain. Many experts say that the best treatment for back pain is prevention. The majority of the rest of the spine. If the pain persists, a thorough examination, x-rays, tests and treatment.

Intense pain is assigned to any analgesic .

Will help with back pain ointment.

If the ointment is not at hand, it is possible to use the rubbing alcohol and wrap the back with the clothing.

Keep the spine warm. Can be used for this special area. No treatment will help if you do not observe this rule.

Apply to relieve back pain when sitting or standing, and various corsets, bandages .

Prescribe injections provide very quick to knock down the pain. The purpose of injections is strictly individual.

New studies have demonstrated the efficacy for the treatment of pain in the spinal injections of the ozone layer .

Exists and practice of the introduction of injections of steroid medications into the epidural space. Normally, these tools are used for the treatment of patients with sciatica.

Prevention of back pain

The back does not hurt, it is necessary from a very young age to participate in the prevention of these problems. Here are some rules and guidelines. that help maintain the health of the new old age.

Try not to gain a lot of weight, which affects seriously the health of the spine, giving him inordinate burden.

The prevention of back pain is the swimming pool that allows you to train the muscles without requiring high loads to the spine.

Often, Hiking. Therefore, to strengthen not only the spine, but also your immune system.

The emergence of the most minimal signs of back pain immediately go to specialists. Early diagnosis allows you to get rid of pain much faster than a neglected disease.

Back pain

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Low back pain say the whole list of diseases with common clinical manifestations. Pain in the back feel every year up to 70% of people from developed countries. This number includes men and women of age 35 #8212; 55. Is no exception to back pain in children, which, unfortunately, in the last decades, triggered by prolonged sitting at the computer and a minimum of physical activity, including sports.

The back pain is chronic and acute. It can develop suddenly or gradually, and, therefore, being sick for a long time, dull or acute, and a suddenly arising and quickly passing. Unpleasant sensations appear and at rest, and cough, during a sneeze or careless movement. It is a sign that the body has begun to have problems with the spine and surrounding muscles.

The causes of back pain

In the majority of cases, the appearance of back pain is the result of damage to the apparatus of skeletal muscle. Another factor that plays a role in feeling pain in the dorsal region is that the changes in the spine, such as herniated discs. In very rare cases, the pain that occurs due to the serious illness, for example, as bone cancer. No less important are the tumors and inflammatory processes of internal organs. Very often, the preconditions of pain considered to be ischaemic heart disease and angina.

The main reasons of back pain are:

  • Muscle spasms;
  • Sprain;
  • Bleeding in the pelvis;
  • The infection;
  • Metastasis of cancer;
  • Pregnancy, and more.

Diseases that cause back pain:

  • Kyphosis;
  • Scoliosis;
  • Disc protrusion in the spine thoracic;
  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Spondiloarthrosis;
  • Shoulder-scapular periarthrosis;
  • Neuralgia intercostal or lumbago;
  • The endometriosis;
  • Kidney stones and much more.

Persistent (chronic) back pain:

If the back pain above the waist is a common symptom of degenerative disc disease, the cause of which can be tiredness, distortion of posture due to prolonged sitting in the workplace. Girdle pain, which manifests itself periodically or continuously, radiating to the abdomen, associated with tumors of the internal organs, stomach ulcers and pancreatitis.

Pain in the lumbar region can also give in the legs. The cause can Bechterew's disease, sciatica, intervertebral hernia. When back pain between the shoulders, the chest, and there is no fever, among the possible reasons noted osteochondrosis of the spine thoracic and awkward posture.

Sudden back pain:

  • It is manifested with fever in the top Department with respiratory symptoms, tuberculosis, and other diseases of the respiratory system.
  • Pain in the lower back area can be due to inflammatory processes in the genital organs. Arise from these diseases: endometriosis. prostatitis. fibroids etc.
  • Sharp pain in the back, which can be, in the right and left sides – a sign of kidney disease or kidney disease.

What to do for back pain?

There are many different methods of dealing with the pain and effective relief of symptoms. Often, in the initial phase of treatment, the doctors recommend to use pills for the back pain.

The most effective remedies to get rid of the pain is:

In General, treatment with these preparations is going well and without negative consequences. But it is worth noting that all anaesthetics have a negative impact on the stomach and does not exclude an allergic reaction.

To relieve the muscle spasms, the doctor examines and treatment with muscle relaxants. These include:

If the disease is severe, we recommend non-steroidal tools. It is basically the dosage form in the form of injections, whether intramuscular or intravenous use.

These drugs include:

Also, in addition to the above methods of dealing with the signs of the pain syndrome, may apply local funds.

A number of the popular ointments for back pain are:

They have a warming, cooling, anti-inflammatory, regenerative, analgesic, resolving actions.

In another, very serious cases, recommend medicines medicines to relieve the pain. Are most often prescribed for cancer and tumors.



Surgery may be considered if the back pain caused by a herniated disc, stenosis spinal or sciatica that does not respond to treatment with medication or physical therapy.

Other treatments

At this stage of human development that there are alternative therapies such as yoga, massage, acupuncture. Chiropractic, acupuncture, back massage are becoming more and more fashionable.

For most people, these methods have a chance to exist and can be useful, such as any one of us reacts strongly to the pain, not leaving it unattended and looking for ways to facilitate it.