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Anita Primorac


  • In this article, you can learn what causes low back pain and what treatment can be used for various diseases without harming your health. Indicated for the most common diseases and pathological changes associated with spinal tissues.
    28 February 2022
  • Main causes of pain in back and neck pain: low back pain, myositis, or a tumor. Read the article to understand why the back pain and to what doctor to address better.
    28 November 2018
  • Pain on my left side of the back: how to get rid of'?You live, doing daily chores, making plans, but all in an instant is crumbling and changing, the reason for sharp pain in left side back.
    4 October 2018
  • Why is it a pain in the lower back in women can only identify a competent specialist. And in some cases brake a visit to the doctor with back pain, it can even be fatal. Pain in the lumbar region of the back appears more than 15 different forms of violations of the female body.
    18 September 2018